Josh Gross leaves Sherdog for Sports Illustrated

 Congrads on the step up in the world of journalism. And good to know SI will have someone writing about MMA who actually loves the sport!

 Love him or hate him this move is good for the sport.


Congrats to Joshua Grossman.

 Holy shit, wow... That's awesome.

What even better is, SI will have an MMA section. Wow, that is huge for him!


Thats big

 Agreed Brigham. He announced it on today's round table discussion for UFC 83, at the end...if anyone wants to check it out.

 TTT for Gross getting press credentials.

ttt for this seasons TUF in this next weeks SI. LOL!!!!

Krondawg - i wonder if Dana will give him press credentials now....interesting.

 HAHA! I can imagine Dana slamming his fist on the desk after hearing this news.

Did BLAF get off a couple angry text messages before his head exploded?

Even as Dana's number #1 nowadays...I'm laughing at the texts he probably sending Gross at this moment.


 Good for Josh!


Josh is good peeps. Congrats.

Hey Loretta, hows the books comming?

wow...i've always been a fan of josh gross...i enjoyed him on sherdog radio. I wonder how Dana will attempt to not give Josh press credentials.

Awesome. Props to SI for covering MMA.

Randy's book is almost done. Almost.

John McCarthy's book has been started.

How's it going GB?

damn, good for gross!

That's a great move for Gross. I wonder who's going to be the new editor for sherdog.

 sucks for sherdog, why cant he do both?