Josh Haynes Question/Fight Discuss

What's up everyone? Any questions or comments you have for me feel free to ask them here. I will check this thread as frequently as possible and try to answer every question to the best of my ability.

Let me know what you think of my fight.

Take it easy.

Bring The Pain

I'm looking forward to watching you fight this week. From the teaser they fed us last week, it appears as if Dana was impressed with the fight.

Best of luck to you.

oh shit...can't wait for the fight...

Josh I'm curious, in your comment a couple episodes ago about 'just wanting to go home' (after watching Randy lose to Chuck), how serious were you contemplating that? Or was that you just voicing your frustrations?

Also, I understand you dropped from 330 lbs. Why did you choose to fight at the LHW level? Any interest in the HW division?

Thanks in advance and best wishes. :)

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Must've been a good fight!

like Master P said..."Unnnnnnnggghhhh---Nuh-Na-Nuh-Naahhhhh"

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What up man. You know I have gotten more questions about that comment than any thinge else. lol. It goes like this. I was tough to watch that fight. I did not want to see things go down like that. On top of it it was stressfull in that house and I was missing my family bad. I think I must have said that about a 100 times while was there. I guess it might have been frustration and a bit of home sickness. Lame? Maybee but true none the less.

As far as dropping from heavyweight I had to man. I was 330lbs of uselessness at 5'9". Not a good combination. Honestly, I'm 205 right now for a reason. As soon as possible I'm dropping to 170 for good. That is where I plan to fight in the future.

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What's up man. Been a while. How is the new wife? You been training?


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What's up Josh. I'm looking forward to watching you and Tait fight this week.

I see you're taking the Riggs route from SHW-WW. That's cool. I like fighters like you, Riggs and Chainsaw because I lost 90 lbs and can relate.

I remember feeling down after UFC 57 when Randy announced he was retiring too. I couldn't get it off my mind. But I couldn't imagine being one of his own and watching that go down. It would have been tough, especially living in that house.

Couple long have you been training and how did you first get into the sport?

I hope you win the 205 division. Good luck in the UFC.

double post

Josh / Tait / Rory

What would you guys choose as the best training tips you have picked up so far on your UFC venture ? Anything that has had major impact ? Answers can be nutrition / training / technique / whatever ...


Thanks for the answers dude, best wishes for the future.

'I guess it might have been frustration and a bit of home sickness. Lame? Maybee but true none the less.'

By the way don't worry, I doubt anyone thinks of that as lame. It's a tough thing to do, being kept away from friends and family.

Hey Josh, looking forward to seeing your fight...

How did you drop so many lbs?

What are your thoughts on Tito as a coach?

OK... here's the tough question of the night..

What was the deal with the Shonie Carter fight. I haven't seen it, so going on what I can figure....

It was a 205lb fight, and you lost a decision. There's no question Shonie's an MMA pioneer, but he's not the fighter he once was, and he shouldn't be anywhere near 205.

Was it a close fight? Could you win the rematch? DId you get hit with the infamous "spinning back fist" of doom? :)


It's all about diet and exercise. There isn't really a magic formula. Just make sure you are putting out more calories than you are taking in. It works pretty well. I answered a lot of these questions on another Discussion forum (on the thread Official Josh Haynes Question Thread) I would retype it here but that is a lot of work.
Later man,