Josh Haynes used to weigh 330

Props to him for training hard and getting that under control. 5'9" and 330 lbs. ain't good.

Time to make some threads for Josh!


Josh Haynes
Light Heavyweight
5'9, 205 lbs.
Age: 28
From: Medford, OR

Team: Ortiz

No stranger to the world of MMA, this 28 year Medford, Oregon native trains with Team Quest and UFC fighters Nate Quarry and Randy Couture. Josh is a graduate of Grant's Pass High School in Medford and studied Computer Science at the University of Southern Oregon. Josh also spent six years in the Army and was stationed in Ft. Benning, Georgia. Over the years, he has built an impressive MMA record of 9-4 with 1 KO. At the same time, he has also built an excellent professional career, applying his computer science degree as a hospital network engineer. But Josh decided it was finally time to pursue his dream of becoming an ultimate fighter, and quit his job to train full-time. He started fighting at 330 pounds, and has dropped over 100 pounds to fight at 215. His oldest son was diagnosed with brain cancer at birth, and having watched his boy endure multiple surgeries already, Josh stays completed focused and driven to do whatever is necessary to become a success and take care of his family.

Status: Still in competition

I took him under my wing when he was big. It used to be a big deal when he made 265 lbs.

i wonder how he supports his 4 kids. or pays medical bills. odds r his wife has to stay home to watch the kids...