Josh Koscheck Vs. Frank Trigg

good fight?
or boring wrestling match?

good fight...I don't think they'll be doing too much wrestling...I'm hoping Trigg wins...

Stand up fight with Kos winning sooner or later by over use of that bowling overhand right

Triggs way past prime - four years ago or so, good match - now - Kos by beat down

I'd like to see it.

I thought he would come back at 85 as well. He must be MISERABLE now...

I don't think Koscheck will stand with Trigg. If he does, then great, i can see Trigg doing well in the standup. Can't see him fall for that left jab, winging overhand right that Koscheck keeps throwing over and over again.

Kos will probably take Trigg down, GnP for a bit, stand, move around, land some shots, take him, rinse and repeat.

I hope Trigg takes it though. COME ON TRIGG!!