Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler

The UFC sure gave Robbie a Tuff Welcome Back!
Who win's?

Kos could take this but I am really hoping Lawler wins.

I just hope Kos says or does something during the fight to piss Robbie off. He goes nuts when he gets mad or excited and throws bombs.

im gunna go with kos Phone Post

Lawler is my favorite fighter and he Will land a right uppercut and KO kos Phone Post

Kosh will take Robbie down over and over..

I think Robbie is going to have a tough UFC run this time around.

Koscheck certainly takes this one.

I think kos will win a UD but ill be rooting for lawler Phone Post

Not a nice way to welcome Robbie back into the UFC. Bit of a mismatch IMO.

Kos all day.

Would love to see Lawlor pick up a debut win though. Terrible match-making? Maybe, but this is MMA. It would be pretty wise to gameplan your weakest aspects for fights that pose problems such as this one with Kos' superior wrestling versus Lawlors great stand up.

Still, could be a really fun fight to watch. Phone Post

Lawler* Phone Post

Shitty matchmaking IMO Phone Post

BeatonHauff - Koscheck would talk a bunch of shit about KOing Robbie, then eat a couple shots, then turn it into a boring lay and pray wrestling match. Phone Post

. This Phone Post

how the fuck is lawler making 170?

anywho, i can see lawler taking kos out tko.

koscheck hasnt impressed me in a fight since the rumble johnson fight.

Phans win

Koscheck is TKO'ing Lawler in the third, and if not, he wins a decision over him.