Josh Neer please Call

Hi Josh this is Master Bob I have a fight card on Feb 5th and would like to know if you would like to take on Keith Wisnewski on the Combat-Do Fighting Challenge
Give me a call or e-mail. Thanks

1-708-222-8100 or

Master Bob, you have mail. - VJ




Good fight. I will be there. I think Derrick Noble is fighting then too...maybe?

I should be fighting against Steve Berger, I think it will be a good fight, Jason hope you can make it up.


Derrick Noble- can you email me at bro.

Fearless Goat

Ahhhh! One of my worst fears may be coming true! I just told Josh on Friday that I would freak out if he fought Keith. I've been a huge Wisniewski fan but I'm one of the biggest Josh supporters ever! Talk about a dillema. I need a drink...

Neer/Wisnewski Noble/Berger....Damn great card so far!

Master Bob- I talked to Josh tonight at practice, and he said that he may have a fight already for that day, but it was not 100%. He will check with his manager. He did, however, want to thank you for your consideration in matching him up with such a game opponent. We are all fans of Keith's here.

John Halverson- can you email me at for some questions I have. Thanks.

Fearless Goat

email sent

pretty sure Josh booked a fight for the XKK show the same day in MN... I announce that show and know its going down just dont know who Neer would be fighting...