Josh Neer vs NAA, Friday night!

This fight is a go, friday night in des monies! lt heavy pro boxing match. 4 rounds. I look forword to silencing my critics. Please show up and see!

I'm sorry for you...

NativeAmericanAssassin...will you show up to this fight?

Gary Hughes

Native- If you actually show up and fight I give you credit.

You going to fight Nick Thompson on February 19, 2005 in Madison,WI for $2,000 winner take all??????

You dont feed baby a steak! I got to much! All I know is im coming to throw heavy leather!!!! I look forword to silencing my critics!!!

I'll be there. It will be probably the most watched fight in ug history. I will come to fight. I give the kid credit if he fights me. I mean i got alot of fights vs tough ass dudes. Buy the fight!

You going to fight Nick Thompson on February 19, 2005 in Madison,WI for $2,000 winner take all??????

so Krull- your boxing record will be 6-20 after Friday night?

I dont know what to think about this one.

Neer is a wrestler, not a boxer. If you fought him in MMA I would think you were really stepping up because he is a tough mofo in MMA.

Boxings a different story. Never seen him box before.

"It will be probably the most watched fight in ug history." -Ron Krull

It'll be right there with Manny Reyes vs. Franca and Kimbo vs. Gannon, equally stimulating displays of real MMA talent. Super.


I am on the phone with Josh right now. Now keep in mind Josh is respectful of all fighters and normally keeps his opinions to himself, but he would like the UG to know: "I am going to knock his head off his shoulders" take it for what it's worth, I guess. If this fight actually happens I will get it on video.

Hermes shows tons of talent taking out a Karate champ in record time and Gannon showed tons of heart but little intellegence in his fight.


ttt for Neer to cut or knock out Krull once again in his lame ass boxing career

TTT for Bergmier getting this done.

"Will you share it with the Underground?"

Absolutely.....Merry Christmas from me!!!!!! Although, I will have to send it to someone, as I do not know crap about high-tech anything!!!!!

I'd like to see Krull fight, provided he shows up. Which is definately a stretch.

John I can help

Why is this a boxing match? Wasn't the whole reason that Mr. Krull was badmouthing MMA? If it's a boxing match, doesn't that just negate the whole argument?

I hope Mr. Krull get the opportunity to prove all of his critics wrong, but in the MMA format.

Just my opinion.

"Hey Krull, Josh Neer has a 7-1-1 record and his only loss was by split decision!"

...not to mention Josh's 92-1 amateur record!!!!!!