Josh SMITH???

Whats the 411??


Who is Justin and what do you want to know about Josh?

he thinks your a mind reader ;) ...

Justin is the promoter of a show here on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. Its the show LEMon was cutting weight for.

So what the hell is the 411?

I think he means what is the information (411) on J.S.

WHat the hell is JS?


How did he get chucks name of XFC though. I think that's what threw me...

people really need to fill out there profiles.

I think the other show is XCF not XFC.

So who is Josh Smith anyway? Is he a fighter?

Josh fights at 155, I believe he's either 2-0 or 3-0.


Justin from Australia mate, we have spoken before. Was away from my office.

Just wanted sdome feedback on this kid's ability.

fire me an email

Sorry for the paranoia created ;)



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WHat the hell is JS?


Josh is a tough kid. His stand up is strong and his ground game is solid. He punches and kicks with bad intentions.

Hey Zviggy,

I spoke to Josh as he came to train one night at our gym about a week after the Fight Club night and he said he hadn't confirmed he'd fight. He said they were talking about it but no conformation yet. I hope it does happen though cause Wildchild is getting soooo good these days and Josh seems to be a nice but tough guy. Will be a awesome fight!!

Hope Brennan comes out for the fight and does some seminars too.

Oh yeah,.... WILDCHILD is no child no more. He turned 18 just recently.

- Juggs

Josh didn't say anything about this in his last email to Chris.

The Wild Child is gonna be the Mild Child once Josh gets done with him. Josh's game is no joke, don't let his kind personality fool you. If it goes down... best of luck to Josh.

Haha we'll see.