Josh Smith

Whataya think of this kid?

He's started his last six games.

Last game he had 9 points, 7 boards, 4 assists, and 10 blocks against Dallas.

10 blocks!!!! Sheezus

I think he's going to be a star. There's talk of you skipping college to try to jump right to the NBA. You're thinking about that, right?

Josh Smith: Yeah, I've thought about it. But that's in the back of my mind right now. What's in my mind is us winning a championship, the national championship right now. And then whatever happens at the end of the season happens. If you had to name a percentage on how likely it is you'll jump right to the NBA, what would it be?

Josh Smith: Fifty percent. If you knew you were going mid first round in the draft, would you go? Would you only go if you were going lottery?

Josh Smith: Lottery, top five. So if experts and people you trust told you that you were going 14, 17, 20 in the first round, would you jump to the draft?

Josh Smith: No, I wouldn't. So you're really intent on going lottery?

Josh Smith: Yeah. Something like that, yeah.

He went #17

10 blocks in a game is ASTOUNDING for any player, even a center. For a SF that is in-fucking-sane. He's definately a monster athlete- let's hope he turns that into steady production over the next couple seasons.

gonna be an awesome player