Josh vs. Yves rematch

Has there been any talk of a Josh vs. Yves rematch. I think Yves go luck with that nugget kick when Josh was attempting a spinning back fist. Josh seemed to have little difficulty with Yves until he got a little too loose and turned his back. I would pick Josh 8 out of 10 over Yves.

If Thompson were to try and stand with Yves again the fight would end the same way.

Yves is a better striker than Josh. He hits harder and is one of the few guys at the 155 class that have true one punch KO power.

8 out of 10 your crazy.Thompson has skills but Yves is sweet and would be to much for him in a rematch.

Yves by Thugjitsu fart sub!RND 1

He pulled guard for 5 seconds when he was in a difficult position. Josh will certainly win a rematch.

Against a variety of like competition, Josh may fare the best but I do have a feeling Yves has the specific style to tame Josh.

Josh would beat Yves in a rematch Josh got careless and left his hand down and tried to create a show and got caught.

I don't see any need for a rematch, but I do agree that Thomson wins this fight more often than not.

Thomson's style is a little to "wide open" for a precision striker like Yves.

The thing that make Yves effective is that he doesnt make stupid mistakes, or try to put on a show. He just tries to win the fight. That also turns off some people to his style, but if you look at his ko reel nobody can say he isnt effective. He's crushed many an opponent.

Josh will never beat Yves. For one, he isnt good enough on the mat to stop Yves with a sub or G&P. More importantly though Yves is a much more effective striker. He may not jump around trying crazy moves, and trying to force action...he lets other people do that until he bombs them out.

I guess my point is he stays within himself at all times, and at some point Josh will make a mistake and Yves will capitolize. Just as last time.

And btw, if you rewatch the fight it wasnt the back fist that made Yves throw the kick. He was loading up for the kick before Josh started pivoting. The fact that Josh blindly pivoted around only made the impact that much more effective.

I would also bet that Josh would beat him 8 out of 10 times.

You can bet Josh wont stand up with him next time they fight. In fact, I hope he is the underdog, because it'll be the easiest money I've ever made when I met on him.

Two things:

1) No one should be surprised or criticising Josh for pulling guard, no matter what level of wrestling he has. He's an awesome submission grappler and a purple belt in BJJ and is just as comfortable from his back as anywhere else.

2) There is no need for him to be in total fear of Yves on the feet again were there to be a rematch...Yves landed ONE haymaker that would have knocked out anyone; I know Josh wouldn't be as careless in a rematch and leave himself that wide-open.

Being that Franca arguably could have got the decision over both guys, I think Franca deserves the rematch against Yves first, which Yves even said his decision over Franca was a close won and a rematch would be worthy.

Both are great fighters, i think rematch would be exciting to watch.

its better to pull gaurd from the clinch with yves then stay locked. yves knees from the clinch are brutal.

In my totally un-biased opinion....I believe Yves
would flying black Pantherman kick Josh 10 times out
of 10


I didn't see the Yves/Josh fight, but I saw their fights with Franca. Josh is a more exciting fighter than Yves, but Yves is more calculating and I can appreciate that, too. No wasted energy with him. He does what he's gotta.

I don't think that using the Franca fights is fair in this situation. Both of these guys would've matured a great deal since their fights with Franca.

If we're going to keep using the 'out of 10' system, I give Yves 7/10.

I would also love to see both of them fight Franca again. That guy is tough as nails, with great ground skills, and heavy hands (look at the Uno fight) and just a lot of heart. I am personally big fans of Yves and Franca, but I dislike Josh Thomson. Don't think it affects my opinion of them as fighters though.

Sorry guys I tend to agree with the 8 out of 10 guys on here. It's a fact of life that when you knock someone out that they will definitely beat you the next time, and that they are the better fighter.

BTW I was super lucky when I knocked Josh out. I was going for a Kimura and I don't know how my shin ended up smacking him across the jaw with that much power.

Maybe it was the hand of god.


LOL so funny, only here can a guy get knocked out then people claim that he will win the rematch 8 out of 10 times. Classic

The fact that Josh was doing fine and took Yves down and was landing more of his strikes has nothing to do with him being able to win if they fought again?Wow that's crazy that's like saying you get beat on in boxing for 12 rounds then win in the 13th with a KO and say I am so much better I would win everytime.