Josh Was Crying

Due your son had a brain tumor. I would not have been able to make it
through to see him make it through. That's the most difficult scary event
I can imagine in any lifetime.

Well done...he will be proud someday.

i am a parent to a 1 year old boy.

if that had been my son,

i would have probably been so upset i'd be in jail.

kudos to him and especially to his little hero.

my daughter is 21 months old now. she had 2 brain surgeries by the time she was 16 months old. i fully understand what thats all about.

I almost shed a tear during his interview. All I could think was "I don't want to be the guy in his way."

I give him props for making it through something like that, even more so for his son making it through that. I have a 4 year old little girl now and I can't even imagine how extrmeley difficult it would be to go through something like that.

fuck Tait for trying to deprive the brain tumor kid!

and his comment about sending the smurf guy back home to see his kids! show some class, satanic bastard!

I saw him crying and saw the picture but missed the story, after I heard him saw about the best times in his life.

What was the story behind it?

I haven't seen the ep, but from what I've read the story of Josh leaving his son who has a brain tumour, to help his career and hopefully provide him with a better life, only highlights the pussiness displayed by Noah last episode. Tito was right, it's about sacrifice.

Josh's son was born with a tumor half the size of a human fist and the doctor's told Josh that his son would die. He underwent 1 or 2 operations and nearly died a couple times, but he survived the operation and seems to be living a normal happy life.

But Josh related it to his son didn't give up when they were doing the surgery to remove the tumor and that if you focus everything you have on one thing, nothing can stop you. Very emotional and rather inspirational as well.

During the fight Rory was holding the picture of Josh's son between rounds 1 & 2 saying "I'm looking at the picture right now, it says NEVER QUIT." Josh had a picture of his sun inside what looked like an incubator and at the top of the picture it says Never Quit.

man thats sad! ttt for him and the little guy, ive got a two year old, the thought is enough to break me down.

I agree with pete rose bookie's comment.

Anyone with a sarcastic comment certainly does not know the bond that a parent has with their child. Especially going through something like that.Trust me, you would trade places or give your life for your kid in a second!!

I think it's great to draw inspiration from someone in your family, such as
Josh's son, but I didn't like how Josh kept saying he wanted to send Tait
home in a bodybag.... Doesn't Tait have a family too? And people who
love him too? So why does Josh want to kill him?

I think that is hypocritical and uncool.... It made me lose respect for Josh,
even though I am glad he beat Tait.

I have to admit, I was pulling for him, for damn sure. And I could actually really tell he was fighting on nothing but pure emotions. I bet, in other fights, hes really more structured with his punching but in this fight, he just wanted nothing more than to take Tait's head off. And in some of those situations, another person woulda' tapped once getting caught in a triangle and whatnot but he didn.t He just fought through it. It was pretty cool to watch.

i agree with most of you... i get tired o hearing all of this tiat crap.. he is a cool guy, ive met him before, but there is alot of nut hugging going on.josh is also a great guy, who is not afriad to show his emotions. those of us who have kids understand totally, i think he is stronger than most of us, because im not sure how if i could have handled that situation any better. i think people need to start giving josh more credit, you ll see i predicted him to make it to the finals everybody laughed..