Joshua Burkman vs. Drew Dober

Up next... I got Dober

Can't believe Burkman is still fighting. I thought he was done after his last fight. 

I'm taking Dober

Damn goodnight!

WOW..... Burkman KO'ed

Badass ko

Man this has to be the biggest disappointment of Burkman's life. Losing to a 145lber who has never clean KO'd anyone or even stopped a decent fighter with strikes. Time to hang it up Burkman.

Stupid fight pass 

Fuck I missed it.   Fuck fight pass 

Last Burkman's win I remember is Fitch, and that was 4 years ago.

I enjoy watching Burkman fight but it seems like he only fights as good as he thinks he has to. He's very talented and could've beaten some of the guys he lost to if let go a bit more imo