Joshua Montoya getting Ripped on FNF

Josh Montoya a 22 year old MMA fighter from Santa Fe New Mexico is fighting on Friday Night Fights right now and is getting tooled by an 18 year old kid.

The announcers Teddy and Joe are trashing him and saying he doesn't look like he doesn't know what boxing is.

To his credit he is 10-7 in MMA, but it doesn't look like he knows ANY stand-up.

They quit commentating on the fight in the 2nd round and are having a whole different conversation.

Anyone know him? Teddy Atlas said that Montoya is supposedly supposed to fight for Bellator in February.

Montoya had a decent 4th round!

Please get this kid a boxing or kickboxing coach in Santa Fe.

He has heart and according to his MMA record good BJJ.

Pulled out the draw IMO

Another BS decision ....

I thought he lost 39-36. He got tooled in rounds 1 & 2, was close in 3 definitely won the 4th.

Should have been a draw.