Joslin on CHCHtv tonight at 5:30pm

Jeff will be a guest on CHCH television tonight at 5:30pm and 11:30pm to discuss the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Mixed Martial Arts.

*edited for replay time

Nice. Jeff was very well spoken and I am glad the sports columnist was actually for mma and said he thinks its safer then boxing. Of course the female news anchor had issues with it but that's understandable considering the bloody footage they were showing of Jeff's fight versus Fitch, but Jeff handled the questions very well. Jeff also said his next fight is July 7 on ppv so good luck to him!




...I hate you Ken Hayashi...

That was a great interview! Jeff looked very comfortable in-front of the
camera and did an excellent job answering the questions!

Great job Jeff . The Mixed Martial Arts World needs pros like you. Well done for sure.

TTT so they tell me