Joslin's Canadian Open Day 1 Results (Gi)

Here are the results from Day 1 of the Canadian  Open. I'll be posting some more after the no-gi competition tommorrow. Thanks to eveyone for their support!

=> Gi results

Awesome tourny Jeff!

That was fast!

There's a mistake in the beginner women's 121lb division. Roya Sarwary actually took first, not second.

Thanks Jeff... great touranment.... My students enjoyed the opportunity to compete in a safe and fun enviroment....

GracieBarra Niagara..

Both days were ran very well. I was surprised how quickly we got out of there.

One thing I and a lot people had an issue with was the no cup rule. I know that the IBJJF ruleset is no cups, but I don't think most competitors are in favor of such a rule.

Get job to the organizers, staff, and refs.

I came up from the USA Kentucky and that was the best run tournament I have ever been in.
I have heard a lot about the Joslins Open in Canada . But I have expierenced it and by far is the best open tournament I have been in . thanks for the efforts to the Joslins