Joslin's Canadian Open this Sunday

One more reminder of the new additions for this year. We have added a new men's weight division (225lbs. and over) for each skill level. Also we have expanded the women's into three weight categories (115 and under, 116-144, 145+). Winners of EVERY divison will receive CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS.


What time do the kids start rollin Sunday?


Should the no gi start very late. I only ask because
I heard that it started very late last year.
TKS Farmer

The kids begin at 9:30am sharp.

The No-Gi divisons will start after the Gi divisions, so it depends on the amounts of competitors in the divisions before yours (in your designated ring) which is difficult to predict. The No-Gi divisions will definetly not begin before 1pm.

All information may be found on our tournament flyer at



J.T. - Canario can't make it, so he asked me to take his place. He told me to look for someone who looks like they are 12. I will be the one challenging all guys who look like 12.

Don't forget the best sportsman cup award. The winner of his/her division who shows the best sportsmanship in the tournament!

ttt and good luck all!


looking forward to it


can someone give the directions?

Directions at
See you there tomorrow!

it would have been nice if you had posted this new weight division on the site. Good thing I found out about it the night before the tournament.