Joslin's Update / 225lbs+ added.

We have added a new weight category (225lbs and over) for our tournament this weekend. This addition is for all gi and no-gi men's divisions.

Jeff Joslin.

I am glad to hear this. I won't be in the same divison as my team mate now.


What time do you think that division will be competing? Last year the 205+ started at like 4:30pm. Also, can I weigh in anytime before the division starts?

There's hope for me yet... ;)

You can weigh in as soon as the tourney doors open and then you have the day to drink eat and be merry. Asking what time your division is going to start is tough. It depends upon how many competitors there is in each division, wether matches go the distance or finish quickly. One year alone had 27 competitors in my division with a lor fights going the distance which made for a long day but no one's fault just the nature of beast.

Just plan to be there all day and into the early evening.




why did you not post this vital information on the main site?