Journeymen around top 10 you love/want to hold title

I wish lauzon got a piece

Nate Diaz
Derek Lewis
Masvadal (was hoping he would have beat Usman last time)
Cody Garbrandt

Good list, Cody had the belt.

Nick Diaz vs Matt brown would be a sick title fight

Touchy Fili is a favourite of mine. Technique is always on point.

A couple of years ago, I wondered if Arlovski was going to find his way to one last shot.

Michael Johnson always looked capable of stringing quality wins together, but I think his time has passed now.


Tibau would have been sweet. I still think he won that fight against khabib but years ago

Kinda… but also maybe if a more “marketable” fighter had the same streak they woulda been pushes to thw title.

What happened to kron? Done fighting? I heard he moved to Wisconsin

Agree and was always cowboy cerrone for me.

Touchy feely too forgot about him. Never a boring fight.

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Good kid. Funny IG account.

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This is what the term means, but on the UG it seems to mean ‘was never number 1 in the world’.

All of these guys were title contenders and Cody was champion.

Al Iaquinta.

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I took this thread to mean in the UFC or major org

It did, but it doesn’t really make sense to say ‘a journeyman in the top ten in the world’

Phillip Brooks

I like raging Al too

Dan Hooker is my favorite fighter in all of mma, so definitely him. Bobby Green is probably my second favorite fighter, so him too.


Hooker? Just based off everything or certain things that put him at your #1

Was a fan after watching him finish Ian Entwistle with elbows from 50/50 guard, defending a leg lock. Then was a fan throught the up and downs, then when he moved to lightweight and went on a tear, he was like already “my guy”, so I went all in with my fandom. I love his style, his ko’s of Jim Miller, Ross Pearson, and Gilbert Burns are 3 of my favorite ko’s in all of mma. It’s crazy because the lean back mauy thai knee, and the lead hook to the body/lead hook to the head combo, were two of my absolute favorite techniques, before he got those ko’s, so that contributed as well. I don’t know how these things are determined, it’s odd, you just kinda pick somebody early, maybe you just relate to them or like their style, like their attitude. I don’t know that I relate to him personally, but I definitely picked him early, loved the style, and love the attitude.