JPEG Exploit Toolkit

I know someone on here has to have it. Its a JPEG Downloader (trojan)
that exploits the Microsoft GDI+ library. I read that its been released,
but I haven't found it yet and need it for a proof of concept demo.

help an OG Brother out!

haven't actually tried it.

actual attack files have been put up on newsgroups.

not good.


Something interesting, I think it is part of the jpeg exploit?

"What does it do? Some one can take control of your computer if you
view a JPEG?"

That all depends on what the 'hacker' injects as his egg after you view
a jpeg with the exploit. The exploit works on IE, as well as Outlook.

Most likely, they will use a downloader as the egg, and the downloader
probably downloads a full blown trojan or spammer onto your