JRE: Top Ten?

I am way behind the curve. I want to download some of the JRE pod casts, but want to start with must haves. I know there is a JRE thread here, but damn if I am going to sift through all those pages. 


Suggest me some of the must haves please. 

Personally I love the Dr. Rhonda Patrick episodes. Neil Degrasse Tyson. Sam Harris.

The Lance Armstrong one was good. Also Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. For mma bad rutten.


I always enjoy Tom papas. I'm an old white guy though

Gad Saad and Chris Hadfield are a couple of my favourites. I liked Chael and Bas too.

Jordan Peterson

Alex Jones

Bill Burr, I think his second or 3rd appearance when he has the argument with Brian over Stitcher. Cringe gold.

Jamie Kilstein rape episode, amazing cringe gold.

All of the Shane Smith podcasts 


Tom segura and Bert kreischer weight loss podcasts. The Alex Jones one, Neil degrass Tyson, bill burr.

shane smith cause they get bombed.

i like milo on it.

joey Diaz is usually good.

Graham Hancock

Randall Carlson

The episode with Tim Ferriss totally changed my opinion on Tim and led me to enjoying his podcast as well.

Grapefruit Simmons

Jordan Peterson a must see to blow your mind. Alex Jones to level you out.

Proops is my favorite

Wim Hof, Rhonda Patrick, Neil Degrass Tyson, Rob wolf, the Egypt guys, Steven Kotler, Chris Kresser... Those are a few I can think of

all of em are good bro

Pretty telling how varied the responses are. It's almost always good. I'd go with whoever interests you as a guest OP.

Dan bilzerian. Jon jones. Alex jones.

Yeah it's kinda like asking which volume of the encyclopedia is the best book. Such a wide variety it depends what you're into.