JSR Live with Ivan Salaverry Tonight at 7PM/ET

Well, a lot of the big shows are off this week so maybe we'll get soem more live viewers this week. Who knows. As usual, we'll try to bring you a very in-depth show with Ivan, we'll see what happens. Ive been told he has a lot of stuff within the sport he has issues with currently.

If you want to join the chat tonight you can listen and chat at www.joeshowradio.com/radio.php  I would embed the chat here but I don't know how. 

What time is your show? If it doesn't conflict with mine, I'd love to listen in. I'm a big fan of Salaverry. He's a great guy.

 7pm eastern


Ivan Salaverry is my favorite fighter, EVER!

 might have baroni on to, dont know yet.

 Dan, im only 1/8th greek but I grew up in a greek orthodox church. my name is the product of a middle school AIM screenname. oh how the 90s were the days.

 starting in 10 minutes, join the chat if you want

ivan on now


 thanks for tuning in