Juan Carlos Santana testmonial

Hey Guys,
Jc has been a mentor of mine for a long time he just gave me a kick a$$ detail review of my latest DVD. check it out http://www.burnwithkearns.net/testominals.htm
I was doing cartwheels after. All the best. dr. Evil

Oh hi there, im not gonna buy ur dvd, who are u?

also that link doesnt work, so i can't see the testimonial

no, that was the Combative Conditioning guys.

Kearns has dropped some knowledge on here, if he wants to do a little marketing I think it's reasonable.

"if he wants to do a little marketing I think it's reasonable."

Sure its reasonable, but saying Santana gave his dvd a great review doesn't mean doggie doo doo to me. Where's the description of the dvd? This is just my opinion but it doesn't come off that great when u promote ur product by saying "someone gave a great review of it"

Yep, Kearns has posted some good stuff on here. It's good to have more informed posted on here as it just adds to the quality of info we have access to.


Having Santana give such a positive review is a big plus IMO.

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the Kudos ROR, Wizzle, scrapper,Pound for pound, and everyone else that's a supporter. Pound for pound is right having my mentor JC give me a good review makes it worth it.

Am I marketing myself here, you bet. Why? I think there is a serious need out in the MMA world for functional strength training. I also think people are tired of the tans , thongs, and the run of the mill biceps shouders today legs on friday stuff. You want to train that way that's your business.But I'm sure we can all remember when Ken Sharmock brought his strength coach on Ult season 3. A fighter said " I 'm training to be a fighter not a bodybuilder."

For those of you who don't know me I have been in martial arts for 27 years and I have been personal trainer and conditioning coach for 20 years. In the trenches 6 days a week starting at 4am. I don't know everything and will never claim too. I strive everyday to be the best coach, husband, and father everyday.

Do I want you to buy my DVD ? Yes. You don't want to , rent it at Netflix or Blockbuster. You don't like it, you think it's carp that's okay tell me how to mke it better. It was my second one and I plan on making more which will be even better. I tell you something I know for a fact, the drills work for MMA. Friends like Steve Whittier use my protcols all the time.

I tell you another fact Kenny and I busted are butts to get him in that type of shape in 5 months with no injuries. We made up drills that mimiced a fight.
Oh and thanks paul I suck at that cut and paste stuff.
all the best.

Dr. Evil

Sorry for coming off snippy aggressive and badmouthing, but i knew nothing about you, the link wasn't working, and look it at it from my point of view, I know who JC Santana is but still saying he gave u a testimonial and then a link to ur dvd doesn't come off great IMO. But other members say u know ur stuff does! Anyway constructive criticism in one man's opinion, give a brief description of the product the next time u announce it, thats just my two cents.

No problem groundfighter. I'll tell you what email me direct and I'll send you a copy and you can decide.
Kevin@burnwithkearns.com. I took no offense at all I posted that so people have some background on me.

All the best. Dr. Evil

Ps. That goes for Pound for Pound, Wizzleteats, Scrapper, and ROR.