Roy Jones mentioned wanting to see this fight Saturday night. I have to agree with him, it'd be fun to watch Mayweather handle Judah.

This is true.

Would be an entertaining fight...Judah is probably one of the few guys that could come close to matching Mayweather's speed. Mayweather is technically superior and too accurate though, and he would ending up catching Judah in one of his wild moments.

I've always wanted to see this fight. Thats would be four fuckin fast hands in that ring with the slicker and more talented PBF winning it.

I guess I haven't seen enough of Judah's fights. I sure never would have deemed him as being the quicker of the two.

judah seems to have some explosveness. but maywaether is sharp and a defensive wiz. i see mayweather boxing his ears off. spinks put on a clinic against judah and imo mayweather is much more sharper than spinks