Judaism is an ethno-religious cult

That’s VERY true, IME.

We led the effort to set it up. It’s also been a highly useful tool for us in the middle east. A staunch partner in the area prevents the build up of an islamic state which we’ve had our eye on since wwii.

How do you not think Jews are a nationality? There are stereotypes about Jewish features. Ari Shaffir once said something when asked how Jews are a nationality, along the lines of “oh, Jews aren’t a nationality? Then why do I look like this?” Ari being son of a holocaust survivor, who grew up extremely Jewish but no longer believes/practices.

Also, OP, you interaction with that Jew guy here was embarrassing and you came off as an absolute moron. He was extremely clear and you just couldn’t grasp his simple words. He was not defensive and very open to conversation and you were on the offensive while acting like he was. Very strange.

This statement has nothing to do with the premise. What is the point that you are bringing this up?

Sounds like the Amish…No offense :neutral_face:

Amish don’t live in open society and they are extremely small in population. Not really a comparison. It’s like saying that being Native American means you’re in a cult because you live on a reserve.

OP, I think it’s more accurate to say talmudic judaism is an ethno religious cult.
At the time of Christ, there were several different flavors of judaism, like the saduccees, essenes, and pharisees. The pharisees are the ones who rejected Christ as they wanted a military conqueror as their messiah and they are the ones who condemned him to death. Talmudic jews are their ideological descendants.

They say some crazy and horrible things.

Jewish man: “The godly thing to do is just to kill you. "
Christian camera man: " The godly thing is to kill me?”
Jewish man: “That’s right. It’s what the Torah says.”
Christian camera man: “The Torah says to kill us?” (“kill us”=Christians)

But regardless of the fact that some Talmudic jews are extremely hateful towards goyim, if you’re a Christian you are commanded to love and not harm them.

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So the thing for me is that because there is never a public separation of the groups you speak of, it is implied coercion that they continue to exist under one umbrella. Which only solidifies the narrative of tribalism.

Oranos you have zero idea what you are talking about and come off like an ignorant fuck.

I have never really had an unpleasant encounter with any Jewish people and in fact some have been rather good to me and even made kind gesture of offer to invite me to join in their activities.

…and bloodfist, if you are lurking, I hope this finds you well my wise counselor

Sounds more like you getting emotional.

I have lived in Finchley and golders green where there is a high proportion of orthodox and other “rare” Jews. They seemed just like Muslim communities to me. Pretty normal.

So we are talking about two concept, spirituality and tribalism.
1 - If you are a believer, the Hebrews, in totality, were given the Torah at MT Sinai. This is where the nation of Israel begins. Unlike Christianity and Islam, it was given out in the open with all to see, not just an individual. Its why the term cult doesn’t apply here. All things go back to the Torah, not an individual person. You might have a sub culture that is like a cult, but it doesn’t apply to the total faith.
2 - Spirituality - If you read Torah, you will constantly see a reference to what a Jewish person should be doing with the term “FOR I AM HOLY.” The spiritualty to take actions, be it dietary, giving charity, wearing tefillin, etc is to elevate oneself spiritually to have a connection to god.
God gives us rain to grow food to eat or sell. Therefore you will give charity. Let the orphan and the widow take some of the food that you grow for that is the right thing to do.
It should also be stated that Judaism allows for non Jews to share with them Gods blessing if they follow the Noahide laws. Its like 7 basic ideas that most follow nowadays anyway.

Are the Noahide Laws antichristian? Because the Jews forbid idolatry, and Christians idolize Jesus, which the Jews outright reject. According to torah, idolatry is punishable by death. Do Christians have to reject Jesus in order to be a “righteous gentile?”

Kinda punting on the question, you might want to ask a rabbi on that…lol.
My understanding is that different schools of Judaism will differ. Some might say that believing in Jesus as a messiah/god is idolatry. Others will say Christianity and Islam spread the word to places that Judaism wouldn’t spread and is therefore part of the master plan.
This is not unlike some Christians would say that the bible commandments are not incumbent on Christians as only accepting his grace is needed. Other Christians would say some of them are still valid as they help lead a moral life.
i found this interesting…http://www.wikinoah.org/en/index.php/Noahide_Law_in_the_New_Testament

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The big problem with Christianity when it comes to the Noahide laws is trinitarianism. What that means in Jewish law is, again, extremely debatable. But, no, a Jewish court cannot execute a Christian for idolatry.

It is a pretty serious difference between Judaism and Christianity. Normative Christianity is either idolatrous or walks the line of it (shituf). Islam is not, it is pretty compatible. So, I really dislike the word “Judeo-Christian.”

Anytime anyone anywhere for ANY reason questions ANYTHING about Jews it is branded anti semitic.

THAT is strange.

It is straight up illegal to criticize Israel in many places. In Texas you have to agree to not criticize Israel to do business with the government. Lots of places are like that.

You dont think thats fucking weird?

You are accurately observing the effect, but the cause is kind of a “chicken/egg” thing. The religion when done right/according to scripture requires rituals and traditions that impact all aspects of daily life and thus necessarily divide them from people outside their religion. So the argument would be that they are tribal because their religion dictates it, not that they are tribal and not really religious.

And yes, I grew up in Brooklyn and spent time with both orthodox/Hascidic and modern Jews. Modern Jews I knew arent religious or tribal at all. Their religion tends to be liberalism.