Judge criminally charges 3 U.S. Marshals after one refused to reveal vaccination status in his courtroom

Someone should turn the tables on the judge and arrest him for interfering with a law enforcement officer. I bet this guy was an Obama or Clinton appointee.


Exactly this, and fuck him.

Limits have to be called out. Enough of this shit. Judges have no problem living above the law.

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84 year old Clinton appointee and a Democrat. Water is wet.

Disbar them and forfeit their pension.

Judges over step their authority far too much.


What 84 yo should have a job of that magnitude?

Every 84 yo is a grumpy fuck. They learned the right, but don’t let them call anyone working (or driving, etc…).

I know a few at 84 that are awesome. Odds are, they are a bit out there by 84.

I’ll bet none of the deputies were named Raylan

Need to sue the shit out of the judge using HIPAA.

'Kornmann gave the U.S. Attorneys Office of South Dakota until Friday, June 18th to take up the case, saying that if they did not do it by then he would get another prosecutor to do it. "


Interesting to see who gets that shit sandwich!!

Senile judge trying to force a Prosecutor to take a losing case because of his elderly ego…