Judgement Day Results:

Kendrick/London beat MNM to win the tag titles. Melina and Nitro attacked Mercury after the match because he was pinned. Totally unexpected attack.

Benoit taps Finlay via crossface for the win. Very physical match obviously.

Did Finlay have his midget with him?

No midget. I was hoping.

Jillian rolled up Melina for a victory despite Melina having her hand on the ropes.

Wow, i didn't even know Judgement Day was on today.

"Melina and Nitro attacked Mercury after the match because he was pinned. "

Something unexpected happened on a WWE broadcast!!!

Oh hang on, they've broken up the best tag team they have.

Helms pins Super crazy to retain the title w/ use of the ropes. Good match.

Melina and Nitro were fired by Teddy Long in a backstage segment after bitching to him about their losses.

Nitro v. Benjamin for the IC title, imo.

More fodder for ECW

Henry wins via countout over Angle in a decent match. Angle went apeshit afterward attacking Henry. Olympic Slam into the announce table which didn't break followed by a chairshot that put Henry asleep and through the table.

Booker pins Lashley to win the KOTR after Finlay did a run in and clocked Lashley. Lashley used 4 of the 6 moves he knows.

Taker must have been caught boinking Linda on Vince's desk because he just jobbed clean to Khali. Abortion of a match. Khali is the worst wrestler ever.

Mark Henry took a slam thru a table and it didnt break??? talk about sturdy construction!

and breaking up MNM makes zero sense

Rey just pinned JBL with a Frogsplash to retain. Good match but having Rey win was just sentimental bullshit. He's so damn tiny that him winning versus anyone seems unlikely.

PPV is over. Much better than I expected. Only really bad match was Taker/Khali but it was like Taker was wrestling a tree. Khali took no bumps at all and I don't think he ever hit the mat. He literally can't move.

thats not a bad idea caps could really build up storylines and make some good feuds

Damn, Lashley used 4 whole moves? He's digging deeper into his repetoire (not that he needs one. Show up, snort, grab guy and throw him through the roof, pin, fans like. Lashley SMASH!)

We must see Henry vs Khali!

lol what happened to the boogey man?

seriously what happend to that dude he was aite

You know, while it is "preposterous" that Rey would beat JBL, I'm glad he did, because I can finally fucking hope that JBL goes back to being a mid-card champion, and stop wasting 30-40 minutes of my Friday nights watching his stupid ass.

tapoutartist, I didn't like him before he went off on this "racist" angle he's doing. Hell, I thought he sucked when he was in the APA. He sucked so bad, I actually cheered for John Cena to take his title, hoping I wouldn't have to listen to the stupid fuck any more.