Judging by appearance- Again.....

So, I have school today and a senior comes in as part of his tutoring credits and starts straight up telling me about God, his relationship to him, church and how he didnt believe in evolution. I listened and we talked. Im afraid I left the kid quite baffled after I told him, I dont care if Im a ancestor of the monkey or amoeba, it doesnt answer the question of 'what now'.

Nice kid. I tried to express to him about the usless nes of being right. That to me christianity wasnt about what you believe but what you are and do.

He assumed I was talking about works, I said that time will reveal what Im talking about.

Im a magnet for these peopele.

Note, I froze this thread because evolution was not my primary point. You people need an evolution ground.

Dan: I dont care if Im a ancestor of the monkey or amoeba

me: ...and in the image of God made He man...

It does matter...to me.


I think you really are a magnet because I never get witnessed to like that even if I appear at times to not be taking up the Christian mantle in conversation.


I think you are taking image pretty literally there.  Fair enough, but I haven't come across patristic writings where God being a hairless primate was the main point of "image". 

So which part of God's image do we look like?

Are people of certain colour made less like God? What about hairy people?

If we are made in God's image, why don't we all look the same?

Hairy people and coloured people all look the same to me. :)

" tried to express to him about the usless nes of being right. That to me christianity wasnt about what you believe but what you are and do."

Good stuff man. I have to remind myself of that frequently.

So which part of God's image do we look like?

In structure,we are made in the image of God,ten toes,ten fingers,walk upright,type of teeth,eyes,two arms two legs etc.

no where that i have read does it say we are a mirror image of God.

Why would a spiritual being have need of arms or legs or the same type of teeth? Are you suggesting God is an Omnivore?

I don't think image and likeness are the same thing.  Image would mean things like having a rational mind and creativity and awareness of beauty in nature and art and music.   Likeness would be the thing we have potential for in terms of becoming adopted children who share in a communion of Love with the Triune God.  Of course with the Incarnation the Second Person of the Trinity now has a human form but I don't take that as related to image in Genesis.

no,i'm saying God is a man,with a whole lot of power,in old writings

he walked through the garden,

not floated thru.

Stop it Ridgeback, you're making too much sense!

well image in the book of genesis,has nothing to do with creating men,it has to do with

fixing cro-magnum,the first imperfect copy,and making a more perfect copy,thus homo-Sapien man.

How could God make a mistake if He is perfect? Where in Genesis does it say God made a mistake and did a version 2.0?

Noah ring a bell.

ever read Cain and Abel?

so what about the possible life on HD209458b (an extra-solar planet with water detected on it)? are the possible life-forms not made in the image of G-d? Did G-d not love them enough to send them a Son?

I find so many people,who think that the tower of Babel,was just a tall building,like a New York Skyscraper,

I do Not.

My grandfather taught me one thing,man is inheritantly a liar.

the same thing my grandfather taught me,my 8th grade history teacher,

gave me the easiest way,to prove.

You take any group,start at one end,pass a secret all the way around the room,

and by the time it gets to the end of the room,

it is no where near what the beginner of the secret sayed.

man is inheritantly a liar,if not why would the writers of the king james bible,

write one of the greatest suck-up letters of all time to king james to get their version

approved.If God tells me to write a bible,george bush will be recieving no letter from me,

nor will the bible i write be called the king george bible.

you can lie to yourself if you want about the existance of cave men(Cro_Magnum man)

but it is a fact,a very easy one to understand when you take into account that God created a

UNIVERSE not a single planet.

And one of the first things he had to do was to fix all the problems,just like he tries to do everyday.

It's his job,Glad it's not mine.


the second time around,man became polluted with evil,thus was God sorry he had made

mankind,of all of the species on this planet,God granted his image to only one,

and their still trying to get it right.


we're currently on version 3.0

to our credit,the rapture has still not happen,so we must be doing something right,

of course God didn't expect us to be perfect,if he did, he wouldn't have sent us a saviour,

named Jesus.