Judgment Day ppv results

After paying $50 for the Roy Jones fight, I couldn't justify buying a show that was obviously going to be horrible. Since I didn't see it, here's the results from Wrestlingobserver. Sounds like the main event was good and the rest was trash.

Dudleys vs. RVD & Mysterio opens the show. Van Dam pinned D-Von with a frog splash. Good match.

There were strange noises coming from Booker T's locker room. There were a bunch of lit candles in the room.

Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson is next. If Wilson loses, she's fired after an angle with Kurt Angle just before the match started. Wilson won with a backslide. Match went too long. The big spot was Wilson tearing Dawn's tights, and she had to do the last minute in a tanned thong.

Scotty 2 Hotty looks to be the unfortunate victim for Mordecai's debut. Mordecai won with the Outsiders edge, which may end up being called the crucifix. Good ring entrance, but Mordecai showed nothing once the bell sounded. They tried to present him like a new Undertaker.

Jacqueline gave Chavo Jr. a bra and panties. Chavo's father seemed interested in seeing if they they would fit. That'll teach someone to make a fool out of himself at CAC.

Rico & Charlie Haas vs. Bob Holly & Billy Gunn are next. Bad match. After what happened last night with Holly's team getting cheered, they switched the match around so Holly & Gunn played heel. Finish was Rico superkicking Holly and Haas pinned him with a roll-up. All I can say at that this point in the show is we're due.

Jacqueline vs. Chavo with Chavo having an arm tied behind his back for the cruiserweight title is next. Chavo Classic untied Chavo's hand and distracted the ref while Chavo used both arms. Finish was a Gori bomb and pin by Chavo. This show is now officially in the toilet.

Cena vs. Dupree for the U.S. title is next. Cena won clean with the FU. Better match than you'd think from these two. Cena's new gimmick looks to be post-match going into the crowd and giving away his jersey.

Undertaker vs. Booker T is next. We've got an hour left in the show and just two matches, so I guess we'll see JBL going that half hour.

Undertaker won with a choke slam and tombstone after kicking out of Booker's ax kick.

Layfield has to save the show. He's guaranteeing victory.

Guerrero bled as bad as you'll ever see. It was like a Mexico main event with Perro Aguayo. Finish saw Bradshaw bring the belt in, but Guerrero got it and used it and ref Brian Hebner DQ'd Guerrero. Several more belt shots after the match. A few ref bumps. Very good main event. Bradshaw juiced after the match was over from the belt and chair shots. Atmosphere after the match was great.

lol,I have a strong feeling the ppv numbers will be huge......

Dudley's/RVD+rey, cena Vs dupree and the main event were ok the rest was tripe.

whats an outsiders edge?

thanks for the info

Razor's Edge, what Scott Hall used to do.

anyone see the ppv? was it any good?

"anyone see the ppv? was it any good?"

Have the separated RAW or Smackdown! PPVs ever been any good?

"Have the separated RAW or Smackdown! PPVs ever been any good?"

Backlash wasn't too bad.

I though No Way Out was pretty good.
They had: Chavo vs. Rey, a triple threat Angle vs. Cena vs. Big Show for the number one contender spot, and Lesnar vs Eddie.

It's really unfortunate that Angle, Lesnar and Big Show aren't wrestling right now.