judo and BJJ?

sorry but i have to ask i know this is sore spot for alot of people here ,but is Bjj really better then JUdo, is it true a average purple belt in bjj can take your average bb in judo it sounds like crap to me ,IM i right? im into this just for self defense in the street kinda stuff i never plan on competeing.i think im better off with judo what do you guys think,not to mention bjj is so expensive

I do go to a juggling and unicycle riding club for my street defense.

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he knew it was a "sore spot."

You are better off where you feel at home. With people you trust and who care about you.

"good ground but not as good as purple belt."

I disagree... the purple belt is no where as near as good at pinning.

maybe on average but there are some sick purples when it comes to passing to side and holding it..

No thank YOU for the post.

basically BJJ is a specialized form of judo much like greco is specialized wrestling.

BJJ covers the ground and ESPECIALLY fighting off their backs like no other art. But they are somewhat weaker in takedowns and defense to takedowns.

thank you all for your post ,,actually i already picked, im going with judo ,,i just wanted to hear some different points,, i guess i didnt word my question right.. hey allcloser nice post thanks for your time and thoughts

what'd you do with the guy who pulled a knife?

At the Chu To Bu judo club in Cleveland we have many students of a Gracie affiliated school come to our club to practice with us especially our ground fighting. Some judo clubs are as good at groundfighting as BJJ schools are. Go practice were you feel comfortable and have fun.


Here's the thing: Against the average guy on the street, BOTH judo and bjj will make you superior at general grappling, so both arts will help you on the streets. Note that I said "help" you, not "conquer the situation no matter what". There is no silver bullet.

i know a throw can/will hurt somebody really really bad in a fight. i also know that it takes a good amount of time, years actually, to have the level of proficiency needed to really use judo to a good level for SD.

i know bjj can break limbs easily. but something about having to go to the ground from necessity just seems odd to me.

i always think that if you are goign to go to the ground in a fight you want to be the one who is 100% in control on the way there. and, if you can end the fight without haveing to go down, thats best.

there is a difference from MMA to SD. throws can be a lot more effective in SD becuase of the concrete and the fact that youll never fight a bare-chested fella. people always wear clothes in real life.

but the truth is, the quality of instruction and what you enjoy more is what truly matters.


I don't know how you can find the time to train in both. I guess you can do it if you find a gym that teaches more than one art.

It's all about delivery system.s Forget worrying about "this style" and "that style."

Let's face some facts we've already heard/known. These are general, but should be pretty close to reality:

1) Judoka do more throwing/defending than anyone else who wears a jacket.

2) Wrestlers do more takedowns/defending than anyone else who doesn't wear a jacket.

3) Greco guys pummel more than anyone else.

4) Boxers punch people in the face more than anyone else.

5) Sambo guys work leglocks more than anyone else.

6) BJJ guys spend the most time focusing on groundwork by itself than anyone else.

So the questions are:

Do YOU personally
-have skill throwing with the jacket?
-have skill at takedown without the jacket?
-have skill pummelling?
-have skill at punching people in the face?
-have skill in leglocks?
-have skill in ground control?

If you lack one or more of those areas, go out, find someone from the first list who is in the right department, and learn from them. Period.

My own personal weaknesses are jacketed-throwing, shooting leg takedowns, and evasive head movement. Because of this, I am currently drilling shots (worked with a wrestling coach), boxing defenses (worked with a boxing coach), and jacketed-throws (finding a judo class).

Anyone who says "oh, I can throw better than the judo guys with a gi" can go to the local judo school and show everyone. Ditto anyone who can punch better than a boxer, leglock better than a sambo player, or roll better than a bjjer.



i wonder if guys on the street tap ya shoulder when u have a sub on them ... n say " ok dude u got me u got me" geez,.

"i wonder if guys on the street tap ya shoulder when u have a sub on them ... n say " ok dude u got me u got me"

they don't, that's why its called tap or snap, because on the street you don't give them the option of a tap... snap. (I do practice both and find merit in both ways. I would NEVER pull guard in a real fight though. That would be a very stupid thing to do, and I don't know anyone who would teach it for a SD situation(including bjj people). Though you can't predict getting sucker punched and ending up starting a fight with some fucker coming down on top of you, so good guardwork has its place in SD as well.)

BJJ and Judo compliment each other case closed.

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