judo..bjj...honesty finally

here we go again...lets be honest..i`m in the process of testing for my black belt in judoand i hold a blue belt in bjj so i kind of have an insiders view of both sides of the arguement..in the beginning judo was known as jiu jitsu,it was "sanitized"in order for practitioners to train into the later years of life..helio took the original ideas and ran with them
bjj was born..the 2 arts actually compliment each other
throw in some striking and youve got a fighting style that is something to fear.i think everyone needs to quit arguing and remember what MMA means.cross train!!
forget the politics and learn everything you can!

"in the beginning judo was known as jiu jitsu,it was "sanitized"in order for practitioners to train into the later years of life"

completely incorrect.

"Should I learn Karate too? What about Tae BO? You cant just train every style. If u train Judo, your wasting your time because you could be training BJJ. Along with BJJ, you should train wrestling, boxing and Muay Thai, thats it and nothing else. Those are the styles that have been proven to work the best. Judo is good, but not good enough to be the base of your stlye. Yoshi is an exception, he is the best judo guy in the world.Not to mention his fixed fights with Frye and Tamura. His success in crossing over into MMA is not typical of a judo practioner. I do think everyone should know some judo throws, but you can always learn those from wrestling. Judo has its place in MMA as a secondary style not a primary like wrestling or BJJ."

The best MMA fighter in the world, Fedor, is a judo fighter.

Yoshida is hardly the best Judo guy in the world right now. Also Fedor is national ranked in Russia for Judo.

'Sambo is judo without the crap'

you mean crap like chokes?

Oh, I forgot, you don't know wtf you're talking about.

of course, I agree with you babyrhino

"Yoshi is an exception, he is the best judo guy in the world"


" I have yet to see a real Judo based guy do exceptionally well. "

So Karo Parisyan,Mach Sakurai,Daijyu Takase,Tsuyoshi Kohsaka,Sanae Kikuta,etc arent good fighters?

SSSfighter clearly knows nothing, and is a troll of the worst kind.

SSSfighter is a fucking idiot no matter if he's a troll or not.

why not just train in what you enjoy?



Babyrhino, as i just posted on another thread.

"Even other cities come right and exact, it aint where your from, its where youre at."


"in the beginning judo was known as jiu jitsu,it was "sanitized"in order for practitioners to train into the later years of life"
completely incorrect.

- Bull, Kano did infact make judo more safe to practice than the unorganized fashion in which the old jj styles used to train. He introduced breakfalls/ukemis, for eg (if he didnt invent it, he brought it to standard practice). He got rid of moves that frequently ended up in injury, etc.

I would totally agree with that statement.

SSSfighter is right. I wont worship any fighter, no matter how good they are, unless they're wearing a belt.

Okay then, TUF, worship Fedor, a judoka, who holds the Pride HW championship belt.

and SSS is a fucking idjit.

Ahhh, this is like a breath of fresh air on this stale old forum...

I cannot believe what I'm reading. Judo is definitely incorporated into many throws/takedowns used in NHB. Those of you guys that put down Judo have never practiced or competed with high level guys. I've been around some of the best fight teams in the world, and Judo is respected. Frank Trigg holds a BB in Judo and he complements it well with his wrestling. Egan Inoue has entered Judo competitions before and used to tell me and Baret Yoshida to train/compete Judo.

joking tapout. Those guys are good fighters and everyone knows it.

And Fedor is obviously not a judoka, he beat Nogueira. lol

Seriously though, people who dont fight talking on the internet about which "style" is the best... damn, soon we'll be tracing the lineage of fight styles.

TUF, that's cool. I just get somewhat pissed, even though I don't train in judo anymore (I now train with Greg Jackson). I hate to tell these haters, but the sweat, blood, effort and time I put into my black belt in judo was worth it.

Shouldn't get angry about other people's opinions, especially when they obviously have no thought put into them. Who in their right mind thinks it's all about the style you train in? The way you fight, the amount you learn, what you bring to the ring, that matters.

Only people carrying pom poms should be shouting about how their style is the best. That shit isn't for real fighters.

Ok, I'm primarily a BJJ/Sambo Tai guy... but let me give my opinion on this for once. (I Know you're all thrilled) :)

Ok, First FEDOR: He is Primarily Judo and Sambo.. however he has incredible HANDS that finish most of his fights, not his submission skills. So, IN HIS CASE, his Judo and Sambo get him top position in most fights, and those arts give him submission defense enough for his intangible: HIS HANDS, to finish the fights.

-But as any INTELLIGENT fan knows, we have a basis for a MMA fight: Striking, Clinching, Takedowns, grappling, and submission. To fill those areas, MANY arts can be used based on a persons strengths and weaknesses. MMA folks.

-As for Judo...we see that it as a base, along with Sambo make Gokor's guys very formidable. They train MMA as well, work out with the machados to gain BJJ knowledge (mostly to defend it) and work striking. Also, Yoshida, while not dominating against Vandelai or Royce, didn't get finished by either..and he is TOTALLY Judo. It can be a fine base if trained right.

As for Judo in sport, all the top BJJ guys train Judo for takedowns. The extra two points they get in big competitions sport competitions help to make the difference.. Often, BJJ world championship matches are won based on Judo.

To rip anything that is even as important as the aforementioned would be ridiculous.

Therefore, Judo has it's place and need not ever be called useless.

YEARS ago I was at a BJJ school training from my knees every time, tapping Judo black belts easily. Then I entered a BJJ tourny and met a Judo guy..thought YES AN EASY MATCH. He then proceeded to get a takedown (or me pull guard later), defend my sweeps and subs and just sit there and wait for me to open my guard..he then backed out and waited for another takedown. He won 4 to -1.
From that point on I decided that Judo can be a big help.

Tae Bo is deadly