judo boxing

You ever randori'ed with a guy who had a knack for jacking your jaw from his grip?

lol..that shit sucks...the bouchards always did that to me and i swear they box when they do judo..

grab the grip, jerk, push, jerk, BAM!!! Right into a knuckle sandwich..

how many of you are atemi based judoka?

I train with a dude who doesn't snap it, but sometimes he'll get the grip, shove it against your jaw so that your head turns and control you with that.

the bouchards simply did things right.

You punch people in the face?

yea. the rules of judo state that you cannot strike people. in other words, whatever you are going to do, just grab the gi in the process and its okay.

I thought this thread was about the ultimate in fighting styles for the street:

Judo + Boxing

I dont really do it, mostly because I hate the gi and if i do that people get all pissed and tie me up in a pretzel with mine..

The guys I know who do that all spent time at SJSU.

really? wow. i learned it from scott rice and the cohens.

did you ever see him put his right hand on somebody?

or sweeps that felt like kicks.

The Bouchards, both of them, are mean fuckers.... and i mean that in a good way.

I dont, they are fucking mean..Jessey more than John..well atleast John hides it better behind his "mutual welfare" and "I work on computers" front before he smashes your head...Jessey just throws you on your head and sticks his dick in your face...LOL

It took me about two years to get so fucking pissed they quit cause Id go all mma with em..I remember one time rolling so hard that Jessey lined up for the 3 points and footballed my head so hard it knocked me to my feet!! Bastard..I think that was the last straw..I became a man that day!

I tell ya what, those men taught me what tough was..MMA my ass, half these fucks have no idea what MFC was like back then..Pure aggresion and soul reaping. The bjj schools refused to even train with us and banned their students from it. LMAO..and I am NOT joking.

Walter Lamb is a trainer of monsters..There isnt a man who wears a blackbelt by him that you shouldnt be scared the fuck to death of in a fight...

Getting your ass kicked by John was a nice experience because you'd probably learn something.... he would teach you a bit and was much more graceful and "gentle" than Jessie.... even though your ass would get thrown, rolling with John was not so bad....

Rolling with Jessie (who was smaller), was basically getting your fucking ass beat the entire time. No "gentle" about it. If you are doing Randori with Jessie, you BETTER be fucking good at breakfalls.... PERIOD. Because if not, every muscle and bone in your body is about to go through hell.... The first time I sparred with Jessie... I literally said to myself, "FUCK THIS". There was not a single second that wasn't pure painful.

I learned alot though....

If you did it every day and didnt quit though, you earned droog status..Thats why not many did, but, those who did where bad mofuckas....

Jessey is the gatekeeper! Take his key or ya dont get in! 270lb men trembled when Jessey said "let's roll"...

I love that fuck! I'd have never learned what tough was without him.

"270lb men trembled when Jessey said "let's roll"... "

Don Richards trembled at jessey? ;-)

yep..ask him..he shit his pant like the rest of us..

He did earn his MFC blackbelt though which say something about the badass he is..

LMFAO, I remember when you got footballed. Training with those guys taught me how to breakfall, how to tap, and how to answer, "nah, I'm good" when Jessey would ask if I wanted to roll. I learned a lot more than just that but those are the necessary lessons one must learn whn training with those guys.

Oh yeah, I love the "hidden punch" of Judo. I feel like the game is meant for you to use the uniform to achieve an advantage so anything you hide under the gi (like to clinched fists grinding down someone's jawline) is not only fair game, but well played. Within reason of course. I don't advocate hiding weapons in your gi or nothing like that.

lol @ hiding weapoins in your gi..thats mexican judo!

judo + boxing is the best...an old boxing coach told me that years ago and is it so true..

especially for me, who is a natural left side fighter in judo and i have an orthodox boxing stance, so it all blends in for clinch work..

boxing fits in so well with judo..hell, my boxing league here has given me credits for at least 11 fights based on my judo competition record, and i have yet to have my first amateur fight..

don't really agree with that, but it speaks well to their recognition of judo competition and the advantage it has in the ring against a newbie..

That is kinda cool..