judo champion cought burglar

Just found this. Maybe some will find it amusing.

Sorry for the link, but its in swedish. Here is a translated short recap.

Anders Norrman, 15, had been over to a friends house when they suddlenly see the one of the neighbour rushing over calling on them to call the police. At the same time he sees a 40 year old man beating up an elderly woman though the door to that neghbours house. He sees red and rushes over.

After some fighting he gets the burglar in a "bensax" (note, difficult to say what the reporter means -its translates literaly to "leg-scissors". some kind of hold using legs), saying "you dont have a chance, Im swedish champion in judo". After 10 minutes the burglar stopped trying to escape the hold, and after 20 minutes the police finaly arrived to take him into custody.
Norrman became swedish junior judo champion last spring.

As a award he got a diploma from the police, cake and some money :-)

Summary: Judo guy pulls guard for the win!

The sad thing is that in much of North America the man could turn around and sue him (or his parents as he's only 15) for excessive force.

Good kid, nice to see some folks still help out neighbors.


Swedish self defense laws are no better. If he had thrown 1 punch he could have been convicted aswell for "assault"

sorry, I noticed the error in spelling, but only after I had already submitted it. You cant edit the thread name :-(

Ric Flair figure four leg lock, imo.

leg locks illegal in judo right?

bjj to rescue?

Steve. No problem -english is not my native language anyway, so I dont realy care that much :-)

As for it sounding like BJJ. Judo DOES have newaza you know. I dont know how its nowdays, but when I did jujutsu 10 years ago, we used to crosstrain with judoguys. Atleast back then, newaza were not a lost art in swedish judo.
And just because something is banned in competitions, it does not follow that it is not taught in training.

isnt kodokan judo like legal moves only taught?

like i tried a kanibasami in randori and the sensei told me not to do it because its illegal in competition(and dangerous)

but leglocks illegal in bjj till brownbelt right?

so it doesnt really matter, grappling champ caught burglar?

Sounds like a triangle choke.

Judokas are a bunch of dirty bastids they all cheat. They punch, kick, bite, head butt, small joint manipulation, finger holds, eye gouge, hair pull... did I miss anything?

people make much of a term I translated from an article written by a reporter who most certanly dont have much clue about what the real name of the technique were, and most likely could not care less.

Anyway. Picture from a swedish junior judo camp (held in connection to the 2004 youth judo european championship) showing what is termed a "bensax" by the site webmaster:

Banned? maybe. practiced? Obviously.
And I have NO idea if that is the same "bensax" that the reporter refered to.

""judo champion cought buglar"


Great story."

"burglar" imo

btw is bensax like asax?

Also please keep in mind that this would all have to fall in to the hands of a judge.

Given the nature and description of the crime, I am not sure that the burglar would stand a chance in the courtroom.

with regards to the law talk

I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

This happened to me two times...

Caught a guy in my garage.. beat him up a little and waited for the cops.. I did not get in to any trouble..

Saw a guy going to beat this girl up, so I step in, he pushes me after he already pushed his girl.. I beat him up, real bad, he goes to hospital. A week later, I get a letter from the DA's office stating a restraining order went into effect and the guy has to stay away from me...
Never got in trouble.. and police where involved.

Mmmmm, cake.

Leglocks are illegal in competition judo. A few folks know them anyway (they're part of the formal techniques, though not many bother to learn them since they can't be used in comp), but I doubt a 15 year old would unless he cross trained in BJJ or sambo.

Just holding the guy down wouldn't get you arrested, but a choke might (happened here not too long ago) ... I was thinking of sankaku (triangle) when I read the report. I wouldn't have thought a 15 year old could hold down a full grown man with a straight pin, at least not for that long.

Hey all

forget the talk of differences. I made my career on the mat and I have
never done BJJ. I respect the hell out of those that do but until David
Camarillo came along and broke my record for the most arms at state i
love ground work, but the thing is we are all very similar.

On the lawyer thing - we need to kick oout all the damn liberals that have
given us over to the crooks in liu of their civil rights or some such horse
crap and if the crook isn't a bad ass and gets his ass whooped then so be
it. I wish the kid had bloodied him up a bit or broken his arm. Do that
enough times and crookswill stop trying to make victims.


Your argument might be better if you realized how many crooks are conservatives.