Judo - Double Leg?

Are Jeb and Ken from Tasmania?
Just I heard about this amazing old judoka in Tassie that an uncanny ability to throw guys around the room, yet he is almost completely blind.

Could be wrong just sounded like the same guy?



I think you got the wrong guys Gerald, Jeb and Ken are from Sydney. I think i know the blind guy you are talking about. I saw one of the worst examples of sportsmanship, when this guy entered a normal judo tournament and his opponent ran around behind him and double legged him.



Thought I'd start a seperate thread.

Are double legs (freestyle wrestling style) allowed in Judo competition.

I remember debating with Peter Alway from Judo Australia and I'm pretty sure he said they weren't?

Can you elaborate?


In judo i've only ever scored a wazari with a double leg or a single (half point) but two put together makes an ippon, so try it. Watch for Uchimata and sumogeshi though!

Oops i think that was spelt sumageshi, i get it mixed up coz Normal, who happens ot resemble a sumo, throws me with it regularly.

Nic to see Jeb mentioned on the internet!! (and not for porn)

Thanks guys, much appreciated.