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Where is the best place to order good judo dvd's. I am mostly looking for a place to order mike swains complete judo dvd set. Also any other dvd's that have all the throws on them.
Any other recomendations would be appreciated.



pretty decent site that i know of thats been arouind for awhile


Fighting Films dvd - Neil Adams shows the academic version of the throw followed by high level competition examples. Missing some throws (kani basami, etc as it's geared towards modern judo) but it's cool seeing the variations and intensity of competition throws.

I like budovideos.com too.

I didn't like swains set at all. It was very brief and light on details. The best judo dvd set I have seen so far is from Keith Schwartz.

I order 90% of my videos from www.hatashitasports.com. They have one video titled 67 throwing teckniques of Kodokan judo. I have the original Mike Swain 5 DVD set from 1996 I used in the beginning. If you are interested in purchasing them contact me, judoblackbelt@wowway.com. I can't find them for sale on the internet.

Modern Competitive Judo from Fighting films - high percentage throws and groundwork demonstrated by experts in the particular technique and with competition footage showing it.

Correction to my above post. I have the original 1996 5 VHS tape set of Mike Swain

Mike Swain DVDs:



Various Judo DVDs:





Various Judo books if you're interested:


"I didn't like swains set at all. It was very brief and light on details. The best judo dvd set I have seen so far is from Keith Schwartz."

I've heard the David Williams judo set is also very detailed. Coming from having watched BJJ instructionals first, I feel that most judo instructionals seem to be more demostrative than instructional.

I didn't particularly care for Mike Swain's complete judo
set either. His ne-waza set is very good, though.

Core Throwing Techniques by Steve Cunningham.

Keith Schwartz is very good, probably be out of print now. It was a Panther production.

Keith is a Christian by the way. Christianity was heavily influenced by Mithraism. Mithra was the sun god of Zoroastrianism, who later became the center of his own cult, popular among Roman soldiers, and many elements of which were later incorporated into the Christian church/organization.

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