Judo for BJJ


I was hoping to compile a thread full of Judo throws,trips,sweeps etc.... for BJJ.

I'm talking the stuff that won't leave you in a vulnerable position etc..

What would be some go to moves for BJJ? Show me what a got.

Sumi gaeshi


Learn Sumi Gaeshi.

Uchi Mata has always worked for me. Kosoto Gari works, sometimes, too. I used to use Tai Otoshi a lot, before I got better with my Uchi Mata.

osotogari, sasae tsurikomi ashi, kouchigari, ouchi gari. They all seem to work well and you don't expose your back.

Why not spend a year or so learning Judo at a Judo gym? Then go back to BJJ (if you want) and throw them with whatever you want.

Thanks for the replies. I checked out a book from the library,it's Dave Camarillo's Judo/BJJ book. Has a lot of good info in it.

I live in a small town in Wyoming. If there was a Judo class in town I would make every class!! We do have BJJ though hahaha.

Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu is a must buy. It is all about transitioning Judo to BJJ and some MMA. A lot of the throws just require a few tweaks and to be cognizant of not having your back taken.

I remember reading a ton of people saying Kouchi Makimomi always ended up with their back being taken. It is one of my top takedowns in BJJ, I get it all the time. You just have to tweak it a little.

This is Terere explaining the BJJ version he used to take down Roger Gracie. He calls it the Safada takedown.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEdLVTqqeMg&feature=youtube_gdata_player Phone Post 3.0

Also, I recommend going to an actual Judo school to learn Judo. Lots of fun. I go twice a week and it has been night and day for me when doing takedowns against BJJ guys. Judo takedowns take more time to learn and get good at but even in my limited Judo experience it has made a big difference in my standup. I was sick and tired of being a guard puller with mediocre stand-up, so I decided to change that. Phone Post 3.0

Go to actual Judo if you can. Man I get sick of hearing about BJJ. It's definitely the fad of the decade.

I might move to Denver this summer. I'm sure I will have plenty of options for Judo there.

HUMBLED1 - I might move to Denver this summer. I'm sure I will have plenty of options for Judo there.
You can train nearly for free at the Denver Buddhist center. Phone Post 3.0

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