Judo Forum Intro Page Info

I emailed Kirik with cc to the mods today and indicated that perhaps the judo/sambo forum intro page should have some fresh names listed and that the MFC and members would be more than willing to be deleted to make room for new names if necessary.

Anyone interested in having their name listed or wish to recommend an individual to be listed contact Kirik:


The page needs to be updated as well...like Brad's recent Black Belt for example.

I have no problem with my name being removed if that makes people happy.


Why would you remove it? It should reflect your recent promotion though.

Every now and then someone will post in re: the intro page being updated, more members names being listed etc. The thread provides the method.

I feel there should be a hats off to USA Olympian/forum member Rhadi Ferguson "Judo Machine" most definitely.

Lance Campbell, dynamo, and Club Kozak are some sambo representatives

I agree with adding names, I am also game for taking off names of people who don't post very much. However, fuck the whiners who say that you shouldn't be on there. A lot of forum contribution came from your club.

I would say that in order to be on the front page, the member should have either a black belt in judo or its equivalent in sambo (I know, no ranks in sambo, you all know...).

btw, congrats on your black belt Brad!

Comedian & SamboSteve, Definitely those guys you have listed. You fellas, or they, should send a short bio to Kirik. They would enhance the info page.

I believe there are dozens of members that should/could be listed but know for sure that many do not wish to be.

I'm all for anything that makes this forum a better place to visit and the elite level of members should be in neon.


Thanks for the recommendation :o) I don't know if I am worthy, but I will send on my bio and leave it up to Kirik.

so, sambo steve and dave williams, get your name on the page..

really, i never looked at the page as the definitive answer as to "who's who" in judo, it seemed to me to be those people who post often enough and have gotten to know one another...

btw, nice older pics walt you sent me, you were quite a big guy and in shape...it is clear of that..

big-O is still in shape... so what if the shape has changed with a few years of wear and tear, he's still a friggin ox.

Wayland and Josh, Yeah, my beer belly & biceps look makes me a friggin' babe magnet. Last time I saw my hog I was looking in the mirror, LOL. The old lady said when I can see it again she will be happy to take a look at it also. That being her attitude I guess I better drop a couple lbs. or resign myself to making water babies in the shower. I feel good and feel strong but I think I'm going to have to drop about 15.

Nice to see Rhadi getting a shout out on the intro page. I swear he is going to be ready to throw down in Athens and will be tuff to beat. I think he will armbar some folks. Dude is rooted to the tatami also.

Gregg (dynamo) should be listed because his contribution to SAMBO in the states is second to none.