Judo gi review Mizuno Ichiban

anyone know anything about it? i'm thinking about buying it i just wanted to know how it is b4 i buy it

thanks in advance

i got one. it aint nothing special. the cotton is super coarse, but some people like that. i personally would either go for comfort, or something ultra hardcore like a dax mosquito or mizuno eurocomp.

is it worth the money? or wouldd u go with the kano or the eurocomp?

I like the Kano and even the single weave better. Try the Fuji gis. Pretty good.

google hck kimonos, dax mosquito, toraki.

you will get unlimited opinions on gis. and without trying them, you really can never be sure which one is best.

i personally like a softer gi. i own 2 mizunos and 1 kusakura. the one i like the least is the ichiban because its so coarse. its also the cheapest gi i own. but, i also only compete at local tournaments where it wouldnt matter if i had a bjj gi. id still get my ass kicked.

what im trying to say is that each gi has its place. depending on what you are doing should determine what you buy. i think there mey be better deals out there in the $100us price range than the ichiban whether you are going for comfort, or a competition style gi, but the ichiban is a good gi, and i doubt you will be real unhappy with it. it will get the job done.

btw, i went off on a tangent but i re-read your question and simply put, yes, i believe the ichiban is worth the money. it is a double weave and it is as strong as any mizuno out there. it wont rip if properly used. it is cheaper than some of the other mizunos because it is made in china and uses a coarser cotton, but for $100 it is a good buy.

double post

if u had the choice would u go w/ the kano ichiban or eurocomp

if i was going to use the gi for practice, id go for a kano because its soft, comfortable and the fit is great. if i was going to use it to compete at more than my local sunday tourney, if go for a eurocomp. if i was just getting my feet wet, and needed an all around good gi for about 80 bucks less than the eurocomp, id buy the ichiban and then take the 80 bucks i saved and purchase dave williams judo dvd set from island martial arts! and, i dont have any relationship at all to dave williams, i just think his dvd set is the most you can get for that price in terms of judo dvds.

I've only worn an Ichiban and a Kwon, but I love the Ichiban as a good all around gi. It is coarse as people have said, but it is very durable and has lasted forever. I like the fit better than the Kwon (more of a tapered fit in the torse). I think it is worth it for the price, but obviously a matter of personal opinion.

Have you looked into Toraki gi's?

fuji doubleweaves are a great deal. Just picked up one as a dryer gi (I

hang dry my gis). The gi is soft but collar is pretty stiff. The trousers are
hit and miss with people - some like them, some hate them. The fit is
crazy good for me - I'm 5'8", 165 with long arms, and a size 4 shrunk
down perfectly - better than most of my other judogi - and I own a
variety of higher end mizunos and a toraki.

Are they like Mizuno trousers? I got a terrible pair of trousers with my eurocomp..the groin comes half way down the pant leg. Weird cut.

Some of us need that particular feature Chance.

5 on 2 time!

fuji trousers are a more traditional cut than the eurocomps. I hated
eurocomp trousers at first but after lots of mat time in them, I like them.

well they certainly don't constrict my movement, thats for sure. I'll try the fujis