Judo gi vs bjj gi?

is there much difference between a judo gi and a bjj gi?I'm asking because bjj gis are pretty fucking expensive and I have seen some judo gis at pretty good prices and if you could use a judo gi for bjj I think it would only make sense for some of the less fortunate kids in my class to go with the judo gi for now if possible

Miller, definitely go with Judo gi for beginner when price is an issue

BJJ gi by armbar - 2:01.

are bjj gi's as thick as judo ones

No - they are thin, form fitting and ribbed for HER pleasure.

bjj gi's are thiner. & shorter sleeves from what i noticed.

judo has rules on gi sizes & where patches/logos can be place so they are pretty much plain. most bjj gi's have logos on both sleeves & on the back of the gi top.

and i think the lapel is different.

BJJ gi's are better for half guard.

BJJ gi's are better for BJJ but only if the cost isn't an issue for you. If cost is a major issue then a Judo gi is fine, all it'll do is make it a bit harder for you due to the good grip they ca get.

what belt are you miller?

Depends completely on what brand and quality of gi we're talking
about. The most expensive gis around are actually high level judo gis.

Thickness depends on the weave and brand again more than BJJ vs

The main difference is the cut and fit between the two gis. Judo gis
conform to Judo regulations and tend to have a looser fit (particularly
with the sleeve and armpit) than a BJJ gi would. A BJJ gi would NOT be
legal for a judo competiton. You could wear a Judo gi in a BJJ
competiton if you wanted to, but most opt not to as the fit gives the
opponent a lot of extra handles to grab unto to.

One more thing, a cheap gi isn't a bargain if it shreds within a month!
If you're serious about BJJ training I'd seriously consider purchasing an
entry level BJJ gi.

i got a gi for about 20pounds and the thing is durable as hell, unfortunateley it is stained with all sorts of blood and grime.

Are judo gi's legal in bjj compeition cause i was thinking of entering a bjj comp and see how i do

"..gives the opponent a lot of extra handles to grab unto to."

Gumby is correct

Never had a Judo gi Rip on me, even the cheap ones...

And I've seen a lot of good BJJ gis and I'd say that that Adidas Judo gis are on the same level (not surprising considering).

You can get a HCK standard pretty cheap. It will last years...

I started training bjj with a $60 hsu judo gi.. and was happy to have my own gi.

"what belt are you miller?"

I'm a fuscia belt with a rainbow stripe

I think Miller actually has a belt similar to this...

no, thats just the stripe milko, the belt is acually fuscia

rednose is selling gi's for like 59 bucks