Judo Guy needs omo plata help

I first learned this technique while taking bjj classes. It works pretty well in judo but I miss it a lot because I forgot the finer points of the technique. I was wondering if there is a step by step out there there i could read or if you guys would mind posting some of the important factors needed to secure the technique.


There are lots of steps, really, and lots of small details for the setup, control, finishes and combinations related to this move.

Perhaps you could begin by telling us how you are being countered with your omoplata? I think you would get more responses that way.



Is this Oma for Judo Competition?

Good luck. Getting someone to tap out in under a second from a Omo is hard.

You might want to check out my 2 DVD set on that very technique at www.grapplearts.com

This set has over 30 entries, 20 finishes and combinations, 10 counters and a bunch of drills to help make you more proficient at the technique.

The material is submission grappling and BJJ specific, but I think that quite a bit of it would be relevant to judo, especially using omo plata as a sweep rather than a submission.

Enough tooting of my own horn...

Isn't the omoplata illegal in Judo? It attacks the shoulder as a sub.

I believe the rule is you cannot put undo pressure on the shoulders...

I don't think that omaplata would be illegal - and its an excellent transition for other moves.

as to the finer points - well the most important part of the move is getting your fat ass hips outside the body...

I usually transition to it by attempting a triangle then moving to omaplata making sure my body is parallel with my opponent. Once you get those fat ass hips out you got to situp FAST. then take the arm that is closer to my opponent and grab the far hip.

Things to do after this whole thing falls apart would be to transition to an arm bar or a triangle - sengakujime.

In Neil Adam's Armlocks he shows it with a sweep, and in Basic Judo
they show it with finishing with a gi-choke

normally the guy just slips out as i go for it.. im not really keeping things tight enough or keeping him off balance or something..

ive found while competing that refs actually give you a decent amount of time in competition to finish this move because it is pretty easy to see that progress is consistently being made and thats what they look for.. you have to keep moving and have to keep progressing..

one of the main reasons i like the move is that it does set up a lot of other techniques

thanks for the info its appreciated!!!

Get Stephan's video, all your questions will be answered.

It's just a matter of can anyone here hold out against an Oma Platta for around 2 seconds?


you are not "tooting your own horn" at all...he asked, you answered. to my knowledge it is the only dvd devoted to the move. i have not seen it, only heard great things about it.

If you only have 2 seconds to execute it, I would use it as more of a sweep.

Are wrist locks or ankle locks legal in judo? Those would be moves you could transition to using the omaplata to get a quick tap, but I'm not sure if those are kosher in the judo arena.

Jrock: Yeah, that's what most use it for, a sweep.

No leg or wrist locks allowed.

Word. Kai's advice is right on, then. Sweep, sweep, sweep away. Getting a shoulder lock tap with a straight omaplata in less than 2 seconds is pretty tough against good guys.