Judo in Beijing

Anyone know anything about Judo in Beijing? Will be stuck here for quite a while and need serious training.

Thanks in advance

Anyone? Please, ask around if you know anyone who might be here now. So many Koreans here in Beijing now, has to be at least some good judo here..


the various sports schools have judo for sure

Why not check out the shuaijiao schools? There is a park in Beijing which I can't recall the name atm where shuaijiao guys from various schools would meet up in the weekend and just wrestle.

Ditang park for Shuai Jiao.

Also you could try contacting the man who put up this video,


I say train the Shuai Chiao. It's a golden opportunity you may never get again. I did Shuai Chiao for about 2 1/2 years, and have been doing Judo recently. The two are very similar and you should be able to jump in on day one. You'll also be able to apply what you learn in Shuai Chiao to Judo very easily.

You'll pick up a lot of good conditioning drills you haven't seen before. You'll also see a lot of the things the older Judo guys 'just know' codifed, which is pretty cool. You'll learn some grips and entries you haven't seen. The jackets are short sleeved, so you'll learn how to work with that.

You'll see different 'styles' of Shuai Chiao. They're known by the area they come from. You'll see a lot of Beijing Shuia Chiao. You may also see some Pao Ding, which is what I did, or Boke, Mongoilan Wrestling. It's all common there. Each one is a little different, so check them all out. Beijing style is the closest to Judo in strategy from what I've seen.

Shuai Chiao traditionally doesn't do any groundwork. The entire art is based around the 'standing throw'. The main idea is that you never go to the ground on a throw. It's gonna take a while to adjust to that pasrt. There's a BJJ place in Beijing now from what I undeerstand, so you can still get in some Newaza as well.

Man, you're a lucky S.O.B. You're gonna have some wild stories when you get back. I heard China's crazy.