Judo in Jerusalem

I will be in Tel Aviv December 28th and Jerusalem from the 29th to 31st. Any recommendations or contact details for judo clubs I can visit for a training session would be appreciated. Unfortunately, I could not find anything on the judo.info website.
Thanks, Koga!

if you send an email to the israeli judo union they will help you. a good palce to cinsider is the wingate-- thats where the national team trains mostly.

just go to ww.ijf.org and search unded the european members. youll find their email address. =)


ps. MOST of the judo is israel is very russian influenced.

Thanks Josh. I'm also trying to get in touch with a Russian guy at my old club who was on the Israeli jr. team but it is closed for the holidays.

our strength and conditioning coach is israeli. he took bronze their nationals a bunch of times. he is great firnds with ze'evi and the rest of the team there. they take him with them to the worlds, olympics and training trips in japan so he can take care of them. he wont be back here til jan 12th, so my asking him wouldnt be vey effective right now.