Judo in L.A.?

Does anyone know of any good Judo schools in the Los Angeles, Hollywood, West L.A. areas? Thanks.

Karo trains in Hollyweird, try there.

Websites? Phone numbers? Thanks.

google motherfucker, jesus...Im not sure you are smart enough to train Judo.

Try a search engine. It might be a bit expensive and I don't know if they have a Judo class, but Karo trains at Legends. That place is filled with top notch instructors in many different skill sets.

It's not for me asshole. I need info about a good school, not just any. Anyone personally know about a good judo school? There, is that good enough dickhead!?


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<img src="http://www.loungespot.com/images/6190255chevy.jpg"


again, google motherfucker, when you click the schools you can see what their competitive histories are...Or better yet, be a dumbass and ask anonymous idiots on a bjj dominated forum.

where in LA are you? How far will you drive?

so, 15 miles?

Hey Jacktown, thanks for the info, but do really have to be such a fucking asshole? My girlfriend works for The Dog Whisperer and he was asking me if I knew of any places so I told him I would help him out. He lives in Inglewood but is always in Burbank, so anything in between there. Thanks.

yeah im pretty much an asshole fulltime. Of course not as big an asshole as that fagit dog whisperer.

Thanks catchy.


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Doubtfull, In fact I'd challenge him but wrestling with gay men only makes them horny. As you can see, not exactly what Kano had in mind.

I've heard that Sawtelle Judo Dojo is pretty good from a few BJJ'ers who went there to learn some tachiwaza.

2110 Corinth Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Jacktown if you fought the dog whisperer. He will have you in check by hitting you on your neck making hissing noises.

I found this, http://nankajudo.com/MemberClubs2005-2006.html.

Kevin - I would be interested in a recommendation also in the LA area if you find one.