Judo in LA near Santa Monica

Hi Gang,

I am Looking for QUALITY Judo instruction in LA to attend regularly, near the Santa Monica, Brentwood, Palisades area. I am also a 3 stripe white belt in BJJ. I studied years ago and would like to start up again. Much THANX!!!

youve got to reshesh my memory of the LA geography.. where the hell is santa monica..? there are good clubs in east LA (tenri dojo), balwin park (mojoicas), there is sawtelle, gokor's, long beach, gurreros, tustin, west covina, gardena.. ther's judo everythwere in LA.


Hi Josh,

I just saw your web site last night and wish you the best of luck, in your quest to the Olympics. I WILL be making a contribution soon!
As for Judo Santa Monica is next to Malibu, Beverly Hills area, and Westwood (UCLA). Thanx again...

its great that you are interested in judo. my website was done by forum member jayman. he's an asweome fella who trains in "the darkside" of bjj (inside joke). feel free to send me an email if you'd like.

i think you should look at Gokor's club. i know it is hollywood somewhere. try a google search for it. i think some forum members are training there as well. gokor is a controversial personality, but there is no doubting that he isa good judo coach with a very decent talent level at his place.

outside of that, id head over to baldwin park to check out tony mofica's place. its at a boys and girl's club thats just off the 605 and 60 intersection. exit ramona and go east.

the tenri dojo might not bea bad spot either. very traditional judo, a lot of adults there, all sizes. they are off the 60 right near the interchange of the 5, 710, 101. i cant remember the name of the exit though.

sawtelle might not be a bad call either, but i cant for the life of me, remember where it is. lol.

im sure you can find all of them on the net. if i was you i would go check out each one and see whats the best fit.


Sawtelle is close to Santa Monica

East is on the other side of town

Gene/Gokor's is a bit of a drive (traffic wise) but not too bad

gokor has been in trouble for over-stepping the rules of coaching at judo tournaments, he teaches a lot of sambo and MMA stuff as well-- which to some judo people isnt "proper" (though i dont get that).

he knows his stuff, nobody will say he doesnt. but there are also a lot of questions about many of his claims in regards to his championships won, his 'rolling' with bjj poeple, etc.. etc..

but, he know his judo. he is a good coach. worth chekcing out no matter what.


Thanx Josh and gang I appreciate the help. I will check them out....