Judo in Loma Linda, CA?

I'm pretty much copying a thread I've made in a couple other forums, but I figure I might be able to get a few views here from some knowledgeable judoka.

I'm looking to get back into training and I was wondering if any of you knew of any Judo dojo's in the Loma Linda, CA, area? I'd like it if there was a good amount of sparring, too. Basically, I'm looking for more of a competition based dojo.

Thanks a lot guys!

My email is mblues@gmail.com

Here is a link to So Cal clubs.


there is a button on the left hand side for clubs.

No matter what, any competitive club is probably a drive.

There really isn't anything around the area that's competition based. Your best bet will probably be Goltz judo in Claremont about half an hour away.