Judo in New York

I'll be in NY/NJ area on the weekend of Feb 18-19. My flight out of LGA is around 5pm on Sunday so I may have time to practice on Saturday and Sunday.

I've been to Oishi's and Spartak before. I'm hoping to check out some place I haven't been to before. Does Starret practice on weekends? Any other suggestions?

By the way, I got great workouts at both Oishi and Spartak in the past. I would definately go there again but would also like to check out other clubs.

There is one uptown: Kokushi budo by Sensei Higashi. Link for NY area clubs, PD.


If you want to come by our club, we have a Saturday class at 2pm (2hrs). It is a MMA/Combat Sambo class though. You won't need a jacket for this class. This class covers stand up, takedown, and ground. You may enjoy it. You would be most welcome. Drop me a line if you would like to come by at (718) 728-8054.


Ok, it looks like these places are open on Saturdays:

Empire Budokai
160 W. 78th Street, New York, NY 10024
Sensei: Robin M. Rosenthal
Schedule: Tu 6-8 pm, Sat 10am-12pm

Jamie Towers Judo Club
630 Pugsley Avenue, Bronx, NY 10473
Sensei: Ralph Reyes
Schedule: M/W 7:30-9pm; Sat 11:30am-1pm

Japan Judo Karate Inc.
6320 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11204-3235
Sensei: Kiyoshi Shiina
Schedule: M/W 7:30-9pm, Tu/Thu 5:30-9:30, Sat 10-1:30

Kokushi Budo Institute of NY, Inc.
331 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10025
Sensei: N. Higashi
(212) 866-6777
Schedule: M 6:40-7:40, W 6-7pm, F 5:10-6:30pm, Sat 1:10am-2pm

Oishi Judo Club
79 Leonard Street, New York, NY 10013
Sensei: Shiro Oishi
Schedule: M-F 12-7, Sat 1pm,

P.A.L. Miccio Judo Club
110 West 7th St., Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 246-4755
Sensei: Boris Munoz
Schedule: Wed 6-7:30pm; Sat 10-11:30am

Kokushi sounds good, I'm not sure my stamina is up for a 1:10am - 2:00pm judo class but I'll give it a whirl...

Thanks for the link khd29. Do you train at Kokushi? Did I meet you when I was at Oishi? I can't remember.


Thanks for the offer. You are in Times Square area right? I would like to check your place out. MMA isn't really my interest though. I still may come by to check it out.

There is also the chance that I will still be in NJ on Saturday and I might even have access to a car. My buddy lives in Livingston, NJ and I might be staying there Sat night. Haven't made final plans yet, depends on where I can scrounge a bed.

{Homage to Osaekomi}

"Hey mister can you tell me, where a man might find a bed? He just grinned and shook my hand. No was all he said." - Levon Helms singing "The Weight"

No problem, Punk Dobbs. Yeah, we met at Oishi's. If you are also looking for training in NJ try this link for the dojos in the area: www.hudsonjudo.org

I used to live in W. Orange, town next to Livingston. There was a Shimamoto Judo club in South Orange, near Seton Hall, but I have no idea if it's still open.

You can always drop by Cranford (Yone) and Kokushi (Ogasawara) dojos, though.

Ok, I do remember you, I just get your screen name confused with that Sta(something) guy.

Are you still training regularly? You were a green belt then. Have you moved up? Are you stomping people's guts out?

Got up to nikkyu but stopped. After we met, I probably went a dozen times then done. One day, when I lose 25b lbs. then I will return. June is the goal. I drop by and see Oishi every other month or so just to BS and have some tea.

Yep, Times Square Area.  Let me know what you plan on. If you can't make class, maybe a night out in NYC? Shoot me a line off line and I will give you my cell. If you are really strapped for a place to hang your hat Saturday, let me know as well.


punk dobbs, that'll be me - sta94 :-) didn't get to meet you the last time you visited Oishi's. Hey, were you the one I sold that HSU gi to some time ago???

hey khd29, didn't get to talk to you much the last time you visited the dojo - i'm out of action as well, rotator-cuff surgery (my 2nd one!), can't wait for it to heal so I can get back on the mats.

Hi Punk Dobbs,

Cranford is about 20 miles from Livingston. Yonezuka is great.

I'd love a chance to meet either Yone or Ogasawara. I'll check out their workout times and see if I can make it.

Steve, I'll email you soon. I'm pretty sure I'll get covered for a bed/couch somewhere but it's good to know I've got a plan "B":)

Sta94, I didn't buy a gi from you. Good luck with that rotator cuff. I'm getting a new shot in my elbow before I make this trip.

A martial Arts dojo in Times Square? Man, you and your students must be rich :-)

I have a dilema. Both Yone and Ogasawara are about the same distance from Livingston. I've got a buddy that will drive me to either one. Both of them have classes about the same time.

Help me out here, which one do I go to?

I'm thinking I'll try to catch Spartak on Sunday because they seem to be the only Sunday class.

Go to Yone. And if you go on Saturday, he has judo and sumo.

Just to throw it in.
Celita Schutz teaches a judo class on Sunday mid-days at Performance BJJ in Fairlawn which is closer to livingston than both Cranford (Yani) and Westwood (Ogasawara).

The chance to do some sumo sounds fun. Yone it is!

Slap, I'm pretty sure I'll be in Manhatten on Sunday but if I end up in NJ, I'll for sure come to Fairlawn. What time is the class exactly? I have a 5:45pm flight out of LaGuardia on Sunday.

"A martial Arts dojo in Times Square? Man, you and your students must be rich :-)"

I wish...LOL. We train there...don't live there :o) It is a great locoation for access to public transport so everybody seems happy with it.

i would go cranford.... i know i am gonna get crucified but I just got a terrible feeling about the training at Ogasawaras when I went.

I showed up, trained and then he pulled me to the side and demanded that I pay 20 dollars. I was like 22 and up there interviewing for a job and had 0 cash with me. I had to go to the ATM and get the money and bring it back to him. It took me a while to find an ATM on that dennis the menace style, old main street america square he is on and he was sitting outside waiting for the money.

I understand paying a mat fee but I was a black belt and a decent one at that, was young and broke and in addition, wasn't told about the mat fee until later. I just paid him and left. He was a nice enough guy but I just felt odd in that situation for sure.

I'm glad you think he's a nice guy.