Judo in Salt lake City

I'll be there for about 2 weeks in May and was wondering if anyone knew of a club in the SLC area.

Is it true that in the SLC area, there is a peculiar tradition whereby male judoka often randori with several female judoka, at the same time?

Man, randori-ing with just one, cost me half of everything I own.

Seems like it would be tough to maintain balance.

Sorry, Judogeek; I am an idiot! But, you must admit, the above statment, though stupid on the surface, is really a heavily layered social commentary on post-modern male/female relational dysfunction.

No? Just stupid?

Sorry! Won't happen again.


Adam Blackburn should be responding to this thread soon. He's one of my former team mates, an excellent judoka and teaches judo in SLC.

My name is Adam Blackburn and I run Usa Stars of SLC.MY coach is Pat Burris and we directly affiliate with his club in Oklahoma.I have been doing judo for over 27 years and I am a yodan.We practice on Mon and Wed @ 6:00 also Sat @ 1:00. We have a mixed club with judoka from Europe, Asia, and the Middle east. You caa expect a great workout.Give me a call anytime 801-971-7113 or blackadam-67judo@att.net

We also have multiple wife discounts!

Adam thanks. Sounds like quite a mix of players you got there. I bet there is a bunch of cool stuff to learn. I'll be sure to call when I get in.

Go train with Adam, not only does he have nice judo, but he's just as graceful on the dancefloor!

seriously though, adam is a great judoka and coach.

adam, what's up bro?

Plus he can get you in a club for free with the old President of Iowa Judo VIP bit.

Cool, I have the number and I am leaving for Utah in the morning. What is the address in SLC?

The address is 1338 W 7800 S. We have class today at 1:00 if you make it by then, call me for any assistance i could provide Adam

Cool, I will be there Monday. Are there any fees?