Judo in Santa Cruz?

Does anyone know of judo clubs in Santa Cruz? I might go to school there next falls, and I'd be upset if there were no judo clubs there.



i know there is a dojo in monterey, but thats a drive for ya. you can always come to SJSU a few nights a week from santa cruz. there was a guy who went to UCSC and come to train with us 2 or 3 nights a week last year.

then again.. you could always go to school at SJSU and train here 5 days a week =)

i do not really know of any judo clubs in santa cruz. the school MIGHT have a judo class, but if youve done judo for any length of time it would most likely be below your level.


Yeah, if I can't find anything in Santa Cruz I'll probably end up driving to San Jose. From what I hear, it sounds like a very very good club.

I don't have the right amount of credits to transfer into a CSU by next fall, which is when I want to transfer. Plus, judging by the couple of times I've been to san jose, I hated it.

You guys practice 5 days a week? How many hours a day? I'd go there as much as possible if I went to UCSC...

Is your club the San Jose Buddhist club, or is it a different one? Is there a webpage?

im on the SJSU judo team, so is forum meber johnserbin. yes, 5 days a week, 2 hours each day. practice satarts at 5:30, dont be late.. =)

our practices are almost all randori. newaza, tachiwaza, some drills when they are needed.

i dont know your judo background, but if you are a competitive fella and have been in judo a little bit then come on down and see if you'd like to train with us. if not, san jose buddhist is never a bad call-- its run by alumni from our team.


I'm a white belt. I've only been doing judo since june or so. I don't think I even got past breakfalling until the beginning of august. I also dislocated my shoulder in november. I just got back from the therapist who says that I probably shouldn't be back in judo for a couple months. I think I'm just gonna go at it pretty light. So by the time I'm at Santa Cruz I'll be just getting into shap again. Your school sounds a bit competitive for me. I'd LOVE to be at that level but I'm not. I'll probably try out the San Jose Buddhist club. If I don't keep hurting my damn shoulder and I get better, then maybe I'll check out your guys' club.

thanks a lot for the info,

Oh another question:

Does Mike Swain teach at your club? I'd crap my pants if I got to train with him.

I don't think that's much incentive for him to be your training partner :)

lol.. no, thats not a whole lot of incentive. =)

Mikus. yes. swain is one of the coahces here. he is generally at the dojo 2-3 days a week. the other coahces are Keith Nakasone (80 olympic team), Chuck Jefferson, and, naturally, Mr. Uchida (64 Olympic coach-- the godfather), and not to be forgotten, Yuzo Koga.

every year we get visits from Ando-- the head coach at Keio University and Isao Okano comes into town a few times a year. we also get visits from several japanese university teams every year as well.