Judo in Thailand?

I might be moving to Thailand for the winter. I was wondering if there are any Judo schools or people who train Judo in Thailand?





No there is no judo in Thailand. It's illegal there.

it's bjjthailand.com

Check your e-mail. I plan on training at BJJThailand when I go there. It's a part of the Gracie Barra affliates now.

If it's Judo you want, you could check out the universities. Thammasat and Khasetsart have the best teams in Bangkok. At least they did in my time...

If you're willing to settle for BJJ, the boys at siamcombat are bad-ass.

Prik Khee Noo,
A few questions for you. Does the Thammasat team allow open practice? Also, Chula have any team? Do you know of any wrestling training in Thailand?

I used to have a friend on the Kaset team so I didn't have a problem with open training... Don't know about Thammasat though. I'd be surprised if they were very uptight about accomodating an extra person. That's just not the Thai style.

Chula should have a team theoretically. We did have a Judo area in the gym (ex-Chula student here). But- I've never heard of any results from our team.

This was all a long long time ago, man. To be honest, I wasn't really into the Judo scene. I got to know it mainly through my friend who was a competitor.

Never heard of wrestling in Thailand. I've wondered about that myself, but if there is, it's very quiet.