Judo in the D.C Area

What up people-

Im getting home from school(WVU) this weekend and am trying to find some good training options. I did Judo for about a year back in the day (Middle School) and have about a year of BJJ experience recently (on and off) at Yamasaki. I was just wondering if any of you are in the Centreville/Chantilly area or anywhere in Fairfax County and would like to work out. I wrestle in college and am going to spend most of my time either working (god knows where) or doing BJJ back at Yamasaki, but would love to find a good workout partner from a strong judo background to work on some throws and all. I could show some no gi takedowns and all to the best of my ability.

Please dont hit me up if your some weird ass 56 year old guy or perv, but yeah, let me know.

Heres my email:



I actually would like to know what the best judo club is these days in the DC area. I'm in the area some time and I wouldn't mind training. I need a club which has some heavyweights who are or were E-level or better players.

I weigh around 200, but only competed in judo around 3x, and only in the in house competitions at Yamasaki.

I know a tough contingent of Yamasaki guys train @ the Judo Club @ Georgetown. Something you might wanna look into.


Thank you for your reply.

I'm a DC area judoka/bjjer.

first thing.. Were you aware that Yamasaki BJJ brown belt (and buddy) David Jacobs is teaching classes in Chantilly?

There are many judo clubs around the area but there are a few standouts that produce strong local senior competitors on a consistent basis.

Georgetown, Arlington & NIH (Bethesda) my club. PG & College Park cater more towards the juniors.

Email me @ william_easlick@hotmail.com. I'd be more than happy to train with you on Saturday mornings.

btw: The NIH club has many 200+ guys, great mats and facilities and a very well-rounded program (very newaza & bjj friendly)

Could you post contact into for the 3 clubs you recommend? Would be greatly appreciated. Sounds like you have a nice setup there.

Link with almost every local club in directoryps. - Sport Judo in noVA is also a good club!

Shin Kim is the best in the D.C. area. World Class competitor and instructor. He teaches Judo at a small Tae Kwon Do school at the address listed below. He teaches Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8:00 pm.

4300 Evergreen Lane suite #305
Annandale, VA. 22003

Isn't Shin Kim the guy who you said won medalled at the Worlds and some people looked up that there never was a Shin Kim who won the Worlds? Did you ever get that clarified with Sifu Kim?

lol @ being the best in the area.Do you realize how long judo has been in Washington DC? The Takemori bros. have forgot more judo than the collective of this board knows."World Class competitor and instructor." - a dime a dozen in DC. This place is crawling with former judo champions and bad ass international players. DC is a diplomatic and transient city. On any given night @ NIH or Georgetown the clubs will have judoka from the US, , Japan, Cuba, Brazil, France, Germany, Poland, Canada, Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Congo & the UK. It's like the UN except we've all got gi's on...


Who are the international competitors in DC from abroad. I probably know some of them from my playing years.

Ricky, -seriously too many to list right now.. men & women.

I'd have to look at my judo email list.

Let me know when you find some time. I would love to meetup with some old friends.

Bull in my opinion he is the best instructor in the area. I'm not talking about people passing through. The original post was about someone looking for training, since he was home from college.

Shin knows Mr. Takemori and has trained at his club before and respects him very much. This was not meant as a slight to other instructors in the area. If you do not beleive me, please stop by for a visit. You will not be disappointed.

Edit- Also, I never said that he won the Worlds. There was a flyer that was circulated in the community that stated he placed in a World Championship. Maybe it was embellished since it was a new school, I don't know. But believe me he is the real deal and a great instructor.


Im still waiting on clarification of Shin's World medal performance.

Ricky, why are you so antagonistic?

I'm not antagonistic at all. But I don't allow people to make false claims about them being World's medalists with impunity. When the topic was first brought up a couple months ago, I looked into the judo archives and found no such medalist. Anyways, I'm curious about Kim's background. If there is a website please post the url and I'll look into it. If it was just an honest mistake and he never represented himself intentionally, then it's no big deal. Regardless, I am curious as to who this guy is.

If you are curious and you are in the area, please come out for a workout or a visit. Trust me, you will genuinely enjoy it and you cannot help but like the guy and his extraordinary skills!

There is alot of good Judo Clubs in DC area. I think you should roll at the club with the instructor and students before you should comment on the level of the club or instructor.

Just my 2cents judo

"There is alot of good Judo Clubs in DC area. I think you should roll at the club with the instructor and students before you should comment on the level of the club or instructor.
Just my 2cents judo"

Is this addressed to me? If someone says he was a medallist in the Worlds, it doesn't matter if he can outroll me. What matters is if he was honest in what he said.

Who gives a shit how if he can "outroll" me. Just because some instructor can outroll a whitebelt, doesn't mean he can go around saying he won the Mundials.

Anyways, it seems it was an honest mistake and I wish him and his club well.