judo in TO, downtown if possible?

Anyone know of/ or can recomend a good judo dojo ? preferably downtown Toronto area...


Minoru Martial Arts, 1290 Queen St., W. (on the
north side of Queen, just west of Dufferin St),

Trinity Judo Club, 75 Landsdowne Ave. (just north
of Queen), 416-531-6896, Mondays & Wednesdays,

Ask loafinho, he'll be able to help softspot.

thanks... will ask (why didn't i think of this earlier, duh?)

minoru. If i resume Judo downtown, that is probably where i'd train. you can also go to http://judo.on.ca for local listings, just navigate. look for club listings at the top right box. one indicator of club quality aside from sensei, are competitive results, which are also on that site.

varga sensei at minoru is supposed to be a great but serious trainer with very good groundwork. it's a competitive club, but i'm sure they will break you in easily.

also, if you are more interested in practicing drills/techniques over competing, U of T judo is an option (i've been there, but i didn't train with Uemura). that isn't to say that varga isn't technical (I hear he is very), just that the emphasis is slightly different. you will learn a lot there.

As mentioned, Minoru is the premier location for competitive judo training. Sensei Varga is phenomenal on the ground or standing up. I didn't care for the training at Minoru myself (too rough for me) but I wouldn't discourage someone else from going.

I've been to the Trinity Judo club only a few times. There weren't that many people on the average (8 or less) and the instruction wasn't great in my opinion but maybe things have changed since then.

I currently take judo at the Central YMCA on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The class is usually small (5-10 people) and Mohammed's a very good instructor and an active competitor. Of course, you'd have to join the YMCA in order to take the classes.


Varga is a great teacher. Just be prepared for a really intense workout.


when you say central,... you mean the one north of college on young? oh and ho long are classes? how late are the classes...?
MInoru looks interesting.

Anyone know anything about the JCCC (Japanese Canadian Cultural Center) they have two clubs how do i choose?

Softspot: Yes, the Central Y is between College and Wellesley on Yonge st. Classes are Tue and Thur from 8pm-10pm.

Judo at Minoru is 5 days a week (if I'm not mistaken). Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat,Sun. The classes are usually fairly well-sized (15-30 people) with over a dozen black belts to work with. The training is definitely geared for competition so these guys take it pretty seriously. If you're serious about judo, this is the place to go out of the 3 options I listed. I've never been to the U of T judo classes so I can't comment on them.


The U of T Judo is a little more Japanese from what i remember. Smith Sensei ran it a few years ago, but i don't know who does now. Me personally, i;d go back to U of T if not minoru, but the Y sounds promising. never been to judo there.

the only problem with the Y was that it was drugdealer central down there(don't know if it still is).

yusul - drug dealer central, really? Yonge &
Grosvenor St? I used to work at Yonge & College,
mind you i was never down that way after dark.. ;)

Drugdealer central? Where? I haven't seen any such thing in the area or at the Y. Times change I guess...


I haven't been in that area in over a year or 2, but they'd hang around the corner behind BK (if we are talking about the same street) usually on the north side of the street. and they'd only come out at night like roaches. but roaches are cleaner than young punks.

I used to head down to the arcades when i was younger.

also, there was a shooting around there a few years ago, i don't know if you remember?

yusul you are correct, but 'they' usually aren't big bugaboos... the area was really bad in early 90s but it got 'cleaned' . by 94 it was ok... i appreciate your concern... indeed that's why i was wondering how long the class is... i think it's ok....cheers

bugaboos? : )

people that bother you...;) therewas a song a few years back ..you'r a buggaboo ...hehe


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I've heard that softspot is a buggaboo on the mat..


sothy no prob...

wayne i'm not...thanx;)lol